Evil Angel Rolls Out Fashionistas Sequel

When John Stagliano’s The Fashionistas hit the streets three years ago, few likely imagined it would become the veteran director-producer’s signature title.


Garnering 23 nominations and 10 AVN awards, along with scores of other awards, Stagliano’s look into the world of bondage and fetishism would stand as an example of what Evil Angel’s brand was all about – nasty, push-the-envelope, hardcore sex.


In putting his mark on the title, Stagliano also found that if anyone could top the edgy fetish-themed title, it would be himself.


“I’m a competitive person. I feel I always have to compete,” said Stagliano, who also owns Evil Angel.


So when a sequel to the critically-acclaimed title hit the streets this week, the veteran filmmaker was assured of one thing – the public would have the final say whether his Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge, would be as successful as the original.


“We all worked very hard on this movie and right now, I feel confident that this is as good as we hoped it would be,” Stagliano said.


Using several locations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Berlin, Fashionistas Safado, follows the story of Antonio, played by Rocco Siffredi, and Jesse, played by Belladonna, who take control of the Fashionistas company only to learn that a mysterious man in Berlin already is scheming against them.


“This movie is a lot darker than the first one and it has a lot more layers to it,” Stagliano said.


“I’m more concerned with the overall buildup and the overall energy to this movie. I think it has more storytelling in it than the first one and that makes it more interesting to me, personally.”


Featuring original music scored specifically for the movie, Stagliano uses it to set the mood for the dark and often erotic proceedings.


Featuring Katsumi, Melissa Lauren, Adrianna Nicole, Marie Luv and newcomer Sasha Grey, the title is laden with sexual energy from its adventurous stars who take the fetish theme to another level in several cum-drenched scenes. The feature is also highlighted by Grey’s first hardcore scene where she takes part in a 14-person orgy.


“I really learned a lot about Katsumi and Melissa Lauren. I realized that I can aspire to be kinky, but I can’t be nearly as kinky as them. They really surprised me about how good they were.”


While the story line delves deep into its characters psyche, the movie is still about edgy hardcore sex in Europe's underground world of bondage and sadomasochism.


“We had some really good performances,” Stagliano said.


“But all depends on the talent. You have to be flexible with them and then you can get some great scenes and really interesting shots.”


Like its predecessor, this latest opus also pushes the hardcore envelope by mixing hot young women willing to get down and dirty with some of adult’s top male performers in Siffredi and Nacho Vidal, both of whom are known for their aggressive scenes and penchant for the unusual.


“Nacho’s acting was so fucking good and he was so personable and powerful in his scenes that I was a little surprised,” Stagliano said.


“Rocco also was giving me stuff I didn’t expect. He was very creative.”


But whether the title will again garner more hardware at the AVN awards, Stagliano is unsure.


“I’d love to get more awards, but I’m a bit jaded by the excitement of the porn scene. I just want to do my art and make the best work possible. But I know I’ll still be competing with other people and be evaluated with them.”


Meanwhile, Stagliano is already at work editing a followup to Fashionistas, called Fashionistas Safado: Berlin, set for release in early 2007, to be followed by a box set of the two Fashionistas Safado titles that includes a soundtrack CD.


A Web site on the Fashionistas movies is online at www.fashionistasmovies.com , that includes trailers, teasers, production notes, video clips and other items.

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