Evil Angel

John Stagliano is particularly happy with his new softcore amateur line, Dream Girls: Real Adventures.

Stagliano: "This is like the GM line of tapes with public nudity. GM goes to Mardi Gras, Biker Week, etc. Dream Girls is two partners [in Florida]. One of the guys has a cable TV show on public access in Tampa, Florida. When they started doing booty shake contests, that's when I called them because I love these contests. They're unbelievable. If you like ass, they got one girl in tape #2 who moves her ass better than anybody I've ever seen. #2 is better than #1, but #1's still pretty good. I haven't seen #3 yet. They tell me that #3 is the best. I just love this stuff. I like to freeze-frame now when I get a perfect shot. He's got these low-angle shots on this girl [tape #2] she pulls her ass apart. Not for a long time. She's got this incredible, athletic-type body with this total bubblebutt. From certain angles it looks like the best butt I've ever seen in my life. What I find that really separates this stuff from GM, and I LOVE their stuff, I liked the one that one the award, it was a great tape, but George Martin keeps his camera on his shoulder all the time, and he looks down on butts. Every once in awhile he gets lucky. This guy [the cameraman in Dream Girls] gets down on the ground and shoots up at butts all the time. He knows what a good butt is. It's so fresh and tapped-in. They've got a couple of booty shake contests in every tape, and public nudity is another big thing for them. They have segments have girls going out in public and flashing cars. It's bland in some ways but so fresh. For me it's a little journey into all these weird shots. You don't know what's going to happen next. Which is what I love about it, I hate predictable porn."

Evil Angel's Geoff "hatman" Martin has this to say about Anal Ball, Evil Angel's recent hardcore acquisition from Apocalypse Productions.

Martin: "They got some wild stuff in there with priests and nuns. They're pushing the boundaries. One of their press releases wants to make Rob Black their bitch. They're going to make Max Hardcore look like Shirley Temple and stuff like that. They're pretty serious about doing that. Hopefully we won't go to jail for it, but it sounds pretty wild.