Evan Stone Turns Pro Wrestler

Male performer Evan Stone is looking to add professional wrestling to his list of credentials.

“It’s going to be a really interesting challenge, and I look forward to it,” Stone told AVN. “I was with Summer Haze in New Zealand signing at a convention and we began talking about the world of professional wrestling. We both share the same passion and desire about the sport, so she made me an offer to complete my in-ring training. I was originally trained by Chris Adams a few years ago as a manager and now aspire to take it to the next level. I noticed Craig Valentine had a championship belt slung over his shoulder and I want to win that from him.”

Haze said that Stone, who has starred in over 800 adult movies, is perfectly suited for the world of sports entertainment.

Stone will be traveling to Florida in the coming months to begin training and will make an appearance at the Coastal Championship Wrestling (CCW) show on Oct. 29. “I’ve already started doing two-a-day workouts, and watching my diet," he said. "Next week, I start ju-jitsu training.”

Stone will also be performing in upcoming movies for Haze’s production company, New Porn Order.

Valentine says he’s prepared to wrestle Stone for the belt. “Someone needs to tell Evan that taking bumps as a manager is not the same as being in the ring, it’s not that easy and I hope he is ready for the rude awakening.  Tell him to just bring it!” said Valentine.

“I have always welcomed a challenge,” said Stone. “And now more than ever, I want to prove myself. My immediate goal is to wipe that cocky grin off of Valentine’s face and take that belt from him. I think it’s the only thing he holds dear. I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s going to slap me around once we get in the ring, but he’s wrong.”

Stone is also gearing up to perform his first live webcam show on Thursday, Oct. 18 at 9 p.m.  PST on his website, www.evanstone.com.

For more information on New Porn Order, go to www.newpornorder.com.