Evan Stone Nabs Male Performer of the Year Award

LAS VEGAS - For Evan Stone, it barely matters whether he has a script or not in a XXX movie; he'll still be "in character."

"When I go to work, whether it's a character they've established or if I'm just like having sex with a girl, I always make a character up," Stone explained. "I try to make something develop with the clothes that I'm wearing, what she's got on and the set we're on, to make it like a story; that makes it more than just having sex, and that's what I really love about it."

Of course, he'd like to win an award for one of those sex scenes someday, but failing that, putting another Male Performer award on his shelf is fine with him.

"I was looking at the program book and saw how many things I've won, and I go, 'Yeah, you know what? I've won enough awards. I'm vindicated'," he stated, "but when they announced the award this year, I remember thinking, 'That's kind of interesting; I didn't get a watch when I won the award before.' I was totally tripped out. It's nice to win and it's nice that people recognize your work."