Evan Stone Makes Directorial Debut for Hustler Video

CANOGA PARK, Calif.—Four-time AVN Male Performer of the Year award winner Evan Stone is set to make his directorial debut with the April 19 release of TSA – Your Ass is in Our Hands from Hustler Video.

In addition to helming the title from the director’s chair, Stone also plays one of the lead male characters.

“In my several years of adult I have seen the transformation of the airline security first-hand,” Stone said. “Being chosen at random is a regular event for me. I find it funny that the government is allowed to do things that everyone else is not permitted to do—like pat people down by groping their genitals and feeling them up—lucky bastards! This is a story I had to tell and Hustler said they loved the idea and that I should direct it first-hand adding comedy to the film and of course my own personal Evan flair. TSA – Your Ass is in Our Hands is my first director role, and acting roll, and funny roll, and friendly pat down roll.”

Filmed as both a comedy and as a spoof on the Transportation Security Administration, TSA – Your Ass is in Our Hands, takes place at the airport and shows a behind-the-scenes look at how the TSA might really operate if Stone and Hustler Video were in charge. From full frontal strip searches to enforcing passenger safety in the most intimate of ways, the movie highlights all of the perks associated with the responsibility of screening the general public and protecting the country.

While TSA Agent Stone has a pre-flight rendezvous with airline stewardess Diamond Kitty, hot and nasty girl/girl action ensues between TSA Agent Loni Evans and potential passenger threat Briana Banks. Meanwhile, TSA Agent Randy Spears finds it necessary to strip search airline traveler Tegan Summers, and Samantha Saint unsuccessfully passes an x-ray screening to the pleasure of TSA Agent Bill Bailey, who gets to perform a full cavity search on her. Finally, TSA Agent Amia Miley and unsuspecting passenger Jack Lawrence heat things up for the viewing pleasure of everyone else around, including the security cameras.

“This is a really sexy, silly movie,” Stone said. “I think Randy and I are really funny together—we both understand physical comedy—and Amia is hilarious. She really got into her character and had fun with it. Plus, all the girls are just smokin’. You don’t get a cast of girls any hotter than this.”

To view the safe-for-work trailer, click here

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