Evan Seinfeld Unleashes RockStarPimp.com

VAN NUYS, Calif. - Evan Seinfeld has launched a website in which he performs with the hottest girls in the industry and doesn't apologize for it. Rockstarpimp.com arrived this week with over 30 exclusive sex scenes featuring up and coming starlets and bankable stars with a common theme: Seinfeld, aka Spyder Jonez, gets to bang them all.

"The gimmick is that it's me," said the guy who is already married to superstar performer Tera Patrick.

Now the former Biohazard front man who currently tours with his new band The Spyderz is creating his own niche as the only celebrity who makes porn and doesn't call it a scandal. Even better for him is that the wife approves. Patrick even introduces Seinfeld in the site's testimonial video.

"If you want to see my husband pound the hottest bitches in porn, log onto rockstarpimp.com. Don't go anywhere else," she says to viewers who log on. Among the other celebrity endorsements include Korn frontman Jonathan Davis, band member Murky and Ron Jeremy.

Seinfeld says the site is a way for the regular guy to have a vicarious experience through him.

"Why I am doing this? Because I can. It's pure excess, rubbing it in the face of the world that I'm getting away with this," he said. "Regular guys who are married everywhere might say, ‘that guy's living the dream.' I know if I was stuck in a situation where I wasn't happy, fantasy would be the release, whether it's Dungeons & Dragons, or sports or porn."

Along with the website, Seinfeld has unveiled a companion DVD series called Smokin Hot. The first release is Smokin Hot Blondes, available on Sept. 1 through Vivid and Pulse Distribution. The debut edition features Seinfeld performing with Teagan and rising stars Britney Amber, Madison Scott, Lexi Belle and Jade Jolie.

Each of the following releases will be a different Smokin Hot genre. Seinfeld has already assembled scenes for Smokin Hot Brunettes, Smokin Hot Asians, Smokin Hot Asses and next up, Smokin Hot Latinas, among others. While the website's hook is based on his involvement, he thought the movies should be about the girls.

"We're closing in on 90-something scenes exclusively for the site, and we've already cut the first 11 or 12 DVDs," Seinfeld said. "The way I'm going about marketing it is totally different. We think this is a different kind of consumer. ... I think if people are fans of the website, it'll be branded as 'Rock Star Pimp Presents.' On the DVD side we didn't want to be too broad and too general alienating the niche consumer who knows what they want. That's why we've broken it up into genres. Tera actually came up with the name. She's my smoking hot wife and I'm always saying, ‘this is smoking hot' or ‘that is smoking hot.' I think we've got 10 different genres so far."

Seinfeld designed the boxes similar to his Iron Cross hardcore gonzo line of DVDs, which are also distributed by Vivid and Pulse Distribution. Meanwhile, he collaborated with the Incredible Dollars affiliate program on the site. Members also gain access to other Teravision and Iron Cross scenes as well as qualifying for the Incredible Pass that provides access to the 30-some other sites within the Incredible network

"We're even doing contests so members can vote for any girl they want to see next," he continued. "... What really sets this apart from everything else on the web, everything in the reality niche, is that unlike all these other reality sites, everyone in the industry knows that it's all fake," Seinfeld said. "With all of the heavy hitters and all of the programs that are out there, it's contrived reality. It's like when you watch reality TV."

Seinfeld said his unscripted video journal allows viewers to get to know the girl through his introduction, interview and the tease and masturbation sequences.

"It does pay homage to the OG's of porn, kind of like a show. It gives respect to guys like Randy West, Ed Powers and John Stagliano," he added. "We film the same hot, nasty sex and present it in a different light. The gimmick is that less is more."

For example, Seinfeld will introduce a scene something like this:

"What's up? This is Evan Seinfeld. My guest this week is Audrey Bitoni. She'll be here any minute and we'll find out a little bit about her, fuck her every way we can and then she's going to be on the receiving end of a massive money shot."

He adds, "I don't care if anyone thinks I'm a great performer or not a great performer or if I have the biggest dick or not the biggest dick. I'm very confident in my sexuality and I'm doing it.

"... I imagine that there will be copycat sites. That's cool. It doesn't matter what anyone else does. I know what I'm doing and I'm enjoying it."

And wife Tera is completely supportive of the effort.

"Evan is the hottest and sexiest man I have ever known," Patrick said. "He is a rock star in every sense of the word and has always lived life to the fullest. Now he can truly add porn star to his resume. Somehow I stole his heart and we have a real partnership. Why would I want to hold him back? Women dig him and he is a wild man. I am proud of him for having the courage to do something that seems so out there and is so completely unapologetic. To be the first mainstream celebrity to do porn and use his real name, that is truly hardcore. That’s what my man is all about. You go baby.”