Evan Seinfeld Debuts New Band

Teravision CEO Evan Seinfeld is headed into Pye Studios to record demos with his new band, The Spyderz. Formerly known as White Line Fever, the band made its live debut March 11 opening for BuckCherry at the Crazy Donkey in Farmingdale, NY.

"We changed the name from White Line Fever because we found out a band in the UK had the same name, and I didn't want to get into any intellectual property lawsuits," Seinfeld told AVN.com. "We trademarked the name The Spyderz, and the imagery around it is kind of like the gangs from The Warriors."

Seinfeld's porn-star wife Tera Patrick joined syndicated radio host Eddie Trunk on stage to introduce the band. The performance attracted praise from the likes of ex-Warrior Soul frontman Kory Clarke, who opened the show with his band Dirty Rig.

"We ended up playing with BuckCherry all night, and they unofficially offered us a tour," Seinfeld told AVN.com. "We have half a dozen major labels clamoring for [our material], and the feedback we're getting off the first gig is that the music was far beyond people's expectations."

Seinfeld told AVN.com that his experience shooting VH1's Supergroup inspired him to form the new band. The cable series brought the former Biohazard leader together with Ted Nugent, Sebastian Bach, Scott Ian and Jason Bonham to form the short-lived Damnocracy.

"That TV show was the catalyst for me making a conscious decision [to get back into music]," Seinfeld said. "They offered us a second season on the last day of the show, when Damnocracy played at the Empire Ballroom. But Ted couldn't commit; he had to take families of Marines hunting in Alaska for bear instead. Tera also pushed me to go back and start a new band; as much as she loves sex and performing and modeling, she'll tell everybody that she'd rather be my rock star wife."

Seinfeld plans to capitalize on his mainstream and adult media exposure in launching the new project. In describing the band's musical direction, he cited numerous influences ranging from Beggar's Banquet-era Rolling Stones to Guns N Roses circa Appetite for Destruction.

"It's not often in life that you get to take a brand-new shot at what you do," he said. "I've had enough time out of the musical spotlight; it's prime time for a re-invention. Standing back from it, I told everybody in the band that I've played in clubs and arenas, and I was ready to just play in arenas. Obviously, we're going to have to do what we have to do – but our focus is on writing huge songs. It was important for me to write songs that reflected where I am in life now as opposed to my distraught teen years. I wrote the majority of the Biohazard stuff in my early twenties."

In addition to Seinfeld, the band includes guitarists Dirrty and Charlie D, bassist John Monte (Ministry, M.O.D.) and drummer Lee Nelson.

A website for the band is currently in the works at myspace.com/thespyderz.