Eva Elfie On Video Games, 'Booty Calls', Creating Content

LOS ANGELES—Russian performer Eva Elfie tells AVN her animated character in Nutaku’s Booty Calls is “an amateur porn model.”

“I guess what I do in a real life,” she says with a laugh. “My character wears nothing quite often—if you know what I mean. One of my favorite renders is with the pink hoodie and purple fishnets. Looks even better than in reality.”

That would be hard to believe for Elfie's legions of fans across social media and Pornhub, where at press time she was the No. 1 ranked amateur model in the world with 366 million video views and more than 907,000 subscribers.

Those numbers are nothing short of incredible considering Eflie only created a Pornhub channel in February 2019. Her first “personal homemade video” set the tone.

“It was quite simple and there was no sex at all—only handjob—but people were enjoying it a lot and it got a million views in a week approximately,” says Elfie, who was born in Siberia.

When Elfie heard the Nutaku Publishing team wanted to create a playable character in her likeness for their popular dating sim, she could barely contain her excitement. After all, Nutaku.net has become the the largest online gaming portal in the world dedicated to adult titles.

“It was like, ‘Wow, awesome, another dream came true!" Elfie recalls. “I love games and I'm very excited to be the part of it by myself.”

She joined Asa Akira, the Pornhub brand ambassador, as the second adult model to star in Booty Calls.

In the game, Eva is the new girl in town looking for actionPlayers can try to charm Eva while using their puzzle-solving talent to attempt to impress her. Win her affection—and get sexy surprises.


The story of Booty Calls centers on a mermaid princess named Andriella, who wants to see the world beyond the surface. Her wish finally comes true after a mermaid witch agrees to help her—under one condition: Andriella needs to supply her with a unique ingredient that can only be obtained from human girls.

Players must help Andriella get the special ingredient by seducing sexy ladies at Naughty Beach.

Speaking of the beach, Elfie was vacationing in Bali when Nutaku asked her “to do a bunch of photos to help developers recreate me in game.”

“It was quite a strange experience that required showing different emotions and poses,” Elfie says. “Something quite similar to motion capture I would say. And then the most difficult part was voice acting.”

She says the character is “literally me.”

“The team asked me a lot of questions about my personality—about stuff that I like, stuff that I don't like, my tastes, hobbies, etc. And when I was doing the voiceover part I realized that this character behaves just like me,” Elfie explains.

The whole concept of being brought to life in a video game seems appropriate for Elfie, who has been a fan of them since she was 12, when she got her first PC. 

“I've been playing The Sims firstly but then I discovered MorrowindFar Cry and some other cool games,” Elfie reveals. “Right now I'm playing The Last of Us II and I'm just really impressed by it. 

“The first part was awesome but this one is going to break my heart for sure—already did it actually. Also I enjoyed Life Is Strange a lot, The Wolf Among Us and The Witcher 3. Those are my favorites.”


Elfie recalls her first adult-oriented photoshoot was in autumn of 2018.

“It was a solo shoot and I was very shy at the beginning and in the end I was quite enjoying it,” she says. “In a couple of months I agreed for some girl/girl and boy/girl shoots. I love traveling around the world and that was a great opportunity to visit new countries and meet awesome people.”

She worked for popular sites such as Nubiles.netAmourAngels.com, MetArt and WowGirls before deciding to take her talents to Pornhub.

“Everything went great. I enjoyed working for those productions but I also wanted to do something by myself,” Elfie says. “I really like acting and trying new roles and directing the scene is also fun. So I decided to create a Pornhub channel in February 2019 and upload my first video.”

And now on the strength of her performing prowess on Pornhub Elfie finds herself on the fast track to superstardom. One of her biggest video uploads—a two-position POV scene—had more than 66 million views at press time. Another video—in which Elfie gets creampied—had more than 43 million views.


If there is any need for more evidence of Elfie’s growing profile, one needs not look any further than Instagram, where her main account at @theevaelfie has racked up 606K followers and her backup at @evaelfie_official has another 235K; she also has 243K followers on Twitter at @EvaElfie.

Elfie remains humbled by the global fanfare.

“To be honest, I still can't realize it,” Elfie says. “Often people recognize me on the street and I think, ‘Am I really that popular?’ I don't feel anything like pride or maybe the glory. 

“But of course it's one of my most important achievements in life. I couldn't even imagine it two years ago at the beginning. And now we did a Zoom call with Lana Rhoades, Riley Reid, Lena the Plug, Angela White and Maddy.

“So, I'm happy about it.”

She worked as a journalist on a small channel and sometimes as a model and actress before adult. 

“I tried many jobs actually—HR manager, waiter, sales manager and even a [Social Media Marketing] specialist,” Elfie says.

In terms of her journalism experience, Elfie says, “I enjoyed working as a correspondent because I'm very social and I love meeting new people. And this job was right about it. But there was also a routine part with a lot of typewriting and I hate sitting at the office.”

When she isn’t working, she often stays in Moscow “because I love this city.”


Eflie says traveling is one of her passions, describing Bali “like a paradise.”

“Total relaxation and a lot of artists, musicians, photographers and models,” she says. “Like a big party. Going to visit it again for sure. During the last year I visited Spain (Canary Isles and Ibiza), France, Germany, Czech Republic, Cyprus, United States, Indonesia (Bali and Flores Island), Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and United Arab Emirates.

“I would really love to visit Japan and Norway. I'm also dreaming about visiting New York City and staying a couple of weeks in sunny LA—one of the best places I visited so far.”

The globetrotting is perhaps the greatest perk of being an adult star, according to Eva. 

“In adult performing I like the opportunity of meeting a lot of amazing and creative people,” Elfie says. “That’s the most awesome part of my work. I still love traveling around the world and in past two years I visited quite a lot of countries. Even USA—that was always my dream to visit the States. Big thanks to the Pornhub Awards event.”

Elfie also says porn has been “an amazing new sexual experience that helped me to realize who I am.”

“To be more concrete, the industry helped me to realize that I'm a bisexual and I shouldn't be ashamed of it,” she says.




Photography by @lobanov.dmitriy (1 & 9); @solomonovaportrait (4 & 5); and @julian_jdjv (6 & 8)