Eurotique to Release <I>Black Out</I>

Black Out

, the new Eurotique VHS release, is already causing a stir before its street date, producer Toshi Gold reports.

"I've never heard applause and cat-calls from the duplicating room before," Gold said. "Those boys are pretty jaded, so if it catches their attention, then I know we've got a winner."

Lexus and Chyna star in Black Out, which goes on sale on Aug. 6.

Gold continued, "Seriously, though, there has just been too much bland black product on the shelves the past few years. It seems that every street punk with a 10-inch Johnson has gotten their half-hard marital tackle in front of a camera. But black performers can't coast on their length anymore," Gold explained. "We've taken the ?bla' out of black, using expert swordsmen, high production values and insatiable cum-sluts. It's a winning combination, and, judging from our orders, buyers agree."

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