EuroRevenue’s Goes Multilingual

EuroRevenue announced that the company’s is now available in multiple language formats.

For German, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish consumers,, which is devoted to serving up 100-percent uncensored pain and pleasure movies by John Thompson, now speaks their language.

Surfers automatically are pushed to the site that suits them best.

The company is in the middle of a campaign to fit every site with new language versions. “English is not the universal language, and it’s silly for those of us in the biz to ignore the facts,” says Joe, owner of EuroRevenue. “In translating to multiple languages, we broaden the target audience significantly, and our affiliates take home more loot.”

EuroRevenue affiliates have more than multilingual sites in their corner, with sales tools translated in all six languages as well. Affiliates choose the banners and the geotargeting does the rest.

Next month, a new EuroRevenue promotion will pay out $80 for every join sent to its newest site,