Etology Replaces AdBrite to Power AVN Ads 2.0

FOSTER CITY, Calif. - Online advertising exchange Etology announced Monday that it has secured a multiyear, mutually exclusive agreement to power AVN Media Network's new ad platform.


Etology replaces AdBrite as the platform partner for AVN Ads 2.0, which launched Monday.


"AVN Ads partnered with Etology to provide our clients with the highest level of media expertise and customer service," said Farley Cahen, director of licensing for AVN Media Network. "Etology's expansive network infrastructure, new products and technical support are exactly what we need to move AVN Ads to becoming a world-class entity."


Utilizing Etology's streamlined ad engine, AVN Ads 2.0 will offer a stabilized environment and exclusive new features. The revshare for publishers has been increased from 70 percent to 75 percent, PayPal and ePassporte have been added as payment options, and live phone and online chat support are available.


Among the benefits of AVN Ads 2.0 is that advertisers now can target users by content channels.


"AVN's new network offers an industry-friendly solution to the unregulated world of Internet advertising," said Mike Cardone, general manager of Vivid Cash. "Their guidelines are reasonable to content producers, publishers and advertisers alike. I think this is a step in the right direction for serious publishers and advertisers in this market."


Nearly 1,300 accounts pre-registered for AVN Ads 2.0 over the past two weeks. YouPorn, recognized by traffic-ranking company Alexa as the world's largest adult website, participated in the platform's beta launch.


"After testing other adult ad networks, we decided to use AVN Ads 2.0 for the majority of our ad inventory because of their consistent record for payments and impressive growth in earnings," said Jonathan Toddson, YouPorn's vice president of operations. "At the end of the day, it comes down to revenue and the working relationship. Our interactions with Etology have been pleasant and professional since day one, and I couldn't ask for more."