Ethan Kane Directs Teravision's <i>Decadence</i> and <i>Glamcore</i>

AVN award-nominated director Ethan Kane has teamed with Tera Patrick and Evan Seinfeld's TeraVision, resulting in two new movies, Decadence and Glamcore.

Describing Decadence, Kane said, "It's sort of like a hybrid project. We tried to work within a limited budget, one that's smaller than what I'm used to working with, and that opened up some doors to trying some new things. I tried to switch the focus from being highly produced to having really intense sex…and at the end, joining the two together.

Kane also tried to keep a first-person perspective throughout the movie. "The girls constantly interact with the camera," he said. "It's shot like a gonzo movie, but it's lit and produced like a feature. I shot the camera and the viewer feels like they're in the scene the whole time."

Glamcore will be the follow-up to Decadence and Kane explained its genesis, "Victoria's Secret had an advertising campaign which was on a black runaway and with black space and the girls were walking on the runway. It was very stylized and beautiful. We tried to do the same thing, but instead these girls—who are all very tall and model-esque—do the runway walk and then come off the stage and do a very hot sex scene."

Kane emphasized the stark, non-distracting look of Glamcore. "Once the sex starts, we're in a complete void," he said. "There's just empty black space. The talent is lit very beautifully, and that's what the focus is. You're never distracted from what's going on. The end result is fabulous-looking."

While no release date for either movie has been set yet, a spokesman for TeraVision indicated that Decadence could be released in "late April or early May." Glamcore is set follow.