Erotique Entertainment Set to Drop First Three DVDs

Eric John, CEO of Erotique Entertainment, has announced that three of his company's DVDs will be released later this month.

John listed his projects to, "There's Erotique Sin, Vol. 1, which is me and Victoria Sin. Then we're going to have the Erotique Life of Jersey Cummings, Vol. 1 and Erotique Desire, Vol. 1."

Describing the DVDs, John said, "I'm trying to do very cool vignette kind of titles. So each one is three vignettes. And each will have bonus stuff as well. It's like what Andrew Blake said at AEE 2007, where he's just trying to do stories instead of features. It's like that. There's a common thread throughout, but they're essentially three stand-alone segments. It's more about three well-produced, cool scenes," explained John.

Asked about the target audience, John said, "It should appeal to both men and women with the way I shot and edited it."

John also delivered some praise for Jersey Cummings. "She's part of the company now," he said. "I'm going to be doing a lot of stuff with her. Off-camera, she's helping as my assistant and doing a lot of PR stuff. She's actually got a business degree, so she's my right hand."

John also revealed plans to give a wider creative latitude to Victoria Sin in future volumes. "As we go forward with the Erotique Sin series, we're actually going to co-direct some stuff," he said.

John also noted some plans for the Erotique Desire series, "I'll be doing some websites with that one."

Because that's how they roll in the LBC.

Pre-orders and distribution requests for these titles are now being taken. Eric John may be contacted directly at (310) 994-8540, (562) 433-5136 or via e-mail at [email protected]