Erotica LA Day 3: Sunday With a Cherry on Top

LOS ANGELES — What better way to slough off the Sunday blues than taking in an afternoon of some of the world's most beautiful girls and boys generally being dirty?

That, of course, was what occurred on the final day of Erotica LA '08 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, bringing a close to the event's 12th year. Porn stars galore appeared at every turn ... in fact, if you happened to be entering the South Lobby of the complex at around, oh, 12:45 p.m. or so, you would have found yourself alongside the one and only Jenna Haze, who seemed to be having a debate of some sort going on with herself over a pair of yellow spike heels. Apparently, she resolved the matter with herself and proceeded into the Convention Center, up the main escalator, into the hall and straight to the Jules Jordan Video Pornitentiary, where her real-life sweety Jules awaited.

Right nearby, in the Pleasure Chest seminar area, sex educator Midori was getting ready to present a talk entitled "Back Door Betty: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Anal Sex." And anybody who missed this particular workshop missed quite the rip-roarin' 30 minutes.

Midori touched on topics including overcoming "poop phobia," the top three rules of anal sex ("lube, lube and lube") and the wide range of "butt toys" that are available out there for enhancing anal play. And she did it all with no pretense of keeping things clinical. "We are at Erotica LA," she said toward the beginning. "I don't think the FCC rules apply here."

Not that the specter of government interference didn't hang in the air to some degree, however. In light of Max Hardcore's obscenity conviction last week, some were speculating about who might be next. Director and friend-of-Joanna-Angel Doug Sakmann said he'd been discussing the topic earlier with some people from, who had free passes to their site available at Joanna's Burning Angel booth. And right next door, at the HellHouse Media booth, where Moxxie Maddron and Jenny Hendrix were signing throughout the day, there reportedly was some alarm raised by a convention rep when Hendrix received some playful choking from a HellHouse staffer.

Meanwhile, toward the very end of the day, Sakmann and Angel put on a show of "Strip for Pain," a contest that rewards participants for enduring escalating levels of semi-torture with a little stripping and lap-dancing courtesy of Burning Angel babes. One brave chap managed to withstand repeated zaps from an electric dog shock collar.

In the slightly more pleasant department, Eva Angelina made an exclusive announcement to AVN through her publicist Alexander "Monstar" Raymond that she is pregnant as rumored, and "she has a name — it's Sylvie — and it happened at a good time, because she needed a break to focus on her personal life, but she's looking forward to coming back to the industry a year from now stronger than ever."

Spotted at the Arrow Productions booth almost at closing time were AVN founder Paul Fishbein, Vivid Entertainment co-chairman Steven Hirsch and Arrow owner Ray Pistol being shot by a video crew. The crew, it turned out, was from Showtime, and the segment was for the network's follow-up to its reality series about the making of Vivid's Debbie Does Dallas... Again, which was awarded AVN's Best Renting Title of the Year honor at Saturday night's F.A.M.E. Awards. The new reality series will follow Vivid's remaking of iconic adult film Deep Throat, which is owned by Arrow.  

Closing up the SexZ Pictures booth nearby was X-Play/All Media Play's Jeff Mullen, who said that this year's Erotica "has been really good, we've had a really good time. The question of the day was, 'Where is Hillary Scott?' If I had a buck for every time that was asked, I would have been retiring by now. So we're missing our two big contract girls, because Paulina's taking a break [that's Paulina James, who also is on hiatus due to pregnancy] and Hillary is in Chicago. But I gotta tell you, we had a really great time."

As people filtered out at 6 p.m., it seemed as though the general consensus was the same. And so another Erotica L.A. has come and gone. See you next June. ...