Erotica L.A. Offers More Entertainment Events Than Ever This Year

While the convention itself doesn't start until June 20, Erotica L.A. will get an early start this year. On June 7 the preliminary rounds of L.A.'s Sexiest competition will take place on Venice Beach. Celebrity judges will rate L.A.'s sexiest women, men, and couples to determine who makes the semi-finals.

Two weeks later, the semi-finalists will compete at the Erotica L.A. Convention in front of thousands of fans for a chance to win the $5,000 to $10,000 grand prize.

Erotica Los Angeles boasts over 30,000 visitors annually and over a hundred and fifty exhibitors. The convention, now in its seventh consecutive year, is world-renowned for introducing new products and concepts into the world of erotic entertainment. Erotica L.A. will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center June 20th through the 22nd.

"We spent a lot of time planning this year's Erotica L.A. We're going beyond the traditional show floor to deliver a mega-event, a full-scale entertainment event that will change the way consumer shows are looked at across the board," stated Renee Johnson, Show Manager for Erotica Los Angeles.

Other entertainment during Erotica L.A. includes an erotic fashion catwalk, a fully choreographed all-male revue, an interactive couples contest to test how well the contestants know each other, and a live auction where attendees can bid on photos, autographs, art, clothing, and one-of-a-kind erotic collections. There will even be a "bo-tox" party to kick off the show.

The Museum of Erotica will also be on display on the show floor, giving attendees a view into the history of erotic art and paraphernalia.

There will also be a chance for guests to meet their favorite adult stars and collect pictures and autographs. Sex experts will also be on hand to conduct seminars and give advice. The convention will be a non-stop show of entertainment, contests, exhibits, and seminars all geared to men, women and couples.

"This was a 'Build Year' for us. By listening to what our attendees and exhibitors said about past events we were able to identify several new value-add features conducive to a fun, safe, entertaining and educational environment all under one roof," stated Chad Beecher, VP of Marketing & Operations for Erotica Los Angeles.

At Erotica L.A., exhibitors are able to sell their merchandise directly to the consumer, and get immediate response on what's hot and what's not. The convention attracts the most prominent adult companies and is designed to create a comfortable environment where industry professionals can network.

For more information and registration, visit the Erotica L.A. Website.