Eric John Offers High-Class Erotique Entertainment

Eric John explained the genesis of his company Erotique Entertainment, "I basically started the company from scratch. I started with shooting stills and I’ve always tried to do the more high-end stuff. But I shoot everything from the real hardcore to pin-ups, but I try to shoot everything the same way: good quality. I don’t believe that just because it’s a cum-shot, it has to be badly done. And it doesn’t have to be derogatory." John also credits the look of his work to "really great talent." Now that he’s moved into video, he says he wants to bring what he’s done with stills to a more kinetic medium. "I want to apply the same standards that I’ve established with my stills," he said.

John also credits a well-known shooter as powerful influence on his work. "Andrew Blake is a big influence. I try into bring some intimacy to my work." John, in his third year of exhibiting at AEE, is enjoying his first year as both a still and video shooter. Interestingly, John often works in black and white.

As he explained, "I have a lot of female fans of the still stuff, and I think it’s the way I portray it. But I’m happy when I can attract people who normally wouldn’t look at this type of material. Yet they’ll look at material—even hardcore—if it’s presented this way." John also has an unusual background for this business. John elaborated, "I’m an MIT graduate and an aeronautical engineer. I worked in the aerospace industry for a long, long time. I was doing satellite system engineering. I was also in consortium management."

But John’s left that behind for his passion of creating erotic imagery. And as far as he’s concerned, he’s right where he wants to be now. Eric John’s work for Erotique Entertainment can be found at his official website

Pictured: Victoria Sin, Eric John, and Erotique Contract Girl Kaelyn Landers.