Eric John Celebrates Birthday With a Girlbang Anyone Would Envy

LOS ANGELES—Actresses, here's a date for you to note on next year's calendar: January 7. That's Eric John's birthday, and this year, he invited nearly a double-handful of young beauties for what he described as his "birthday reverse girlbang"—and for a good 90 minutes on Sunday evening, there was barely a covered piece of woman flesh on his kingsize bed as he took turns pleasuring each lady while the rest spent their "down time" pleasuring each other. In a word, it was porn history. Webcast live on Erotique Entertainment’s site,, not to mention several other sites like Streamate and’s network, soon the edited high-definition version will be available for members.

And what a collection of woman flesh it was! The participants, in no particular order, were Zoe Clark (the first to arrive on set), Vanessa Sky, Violet Voss, Chanel Preston, 2020 presidential candidate Cherie DeVille, Tara Ashley, Scarlett Mae, Audrey Noir, Alex More and Jay Taylor as the Mistress of Ceremonies.

In a sense, it's too bad that the multiple cameras that covered the event were aimed at Eric's big bed, because the "set" on which everything took place is a virtual museum. See, Eric's really into high-heeled shoes, and practically every square inch of space that isn't dedicated to eating, sleeping or computing is filled with high-heeled shoes, many of them signed by the person who gave them to him, as well as panties and other souvenirs of sexual contact. All of the items are from sexual episodes, so every item has a specific sexual history with Eric.

“Aside from the live show, the other main stuff I shoot, because I’m into it, is high heel fetish. My brand for that is ErotiqueShoeSex, “ he said. "A lot of that I do with mainstream models or amateurs that just don't want their face in it, because it's just me worshipping their heels and feet."

Indeed; everyone involved in the girlbang was requested to wear her high heels, and Eric even offered to buy some of them after the show if the gal was willing to sell—and before the on-air action even began, John laid on the floor in the stills area and had the women form a circle around him with each one's shoes touching some part of his body. Those pictures, as well as some shots of pre-show sex, will be available on, as will an edited version of the live portion of the girlbang.


At one point, we asked Eric how the whole "birthday reverse girlbang" started, and he was only too happy to discuss it.

"I was at the AVN nomination party, and Victoria June came up to me, who had just done the show, and was bouncing around like she always does, and was like, 'When am I doing the show again?'" Eric explained. "And I literally usually have threesomes—last year, the threesome was Chanel and Luna Star, so I'm like, 'We usually do threesomes on my birthday so let's just have you on my birthday, and she's like, 'Let's get Vanessa,' and I walked over to Spiegler and we booked it. So then, we were doing a thing, and Alex More wanted to be a part of it. I had not thought of how obvious that was; like, oh, yeah, that's a thing people would want to do—and then another person wanted to get in on it and another person and another person and literally, we got to nine, and I was like, if we have nine, why not more? So I ended up calling Scarlett; she was the only one where I went and found someone, because everyone else called me. Cherie and I were going to do the show the night before by ourselves, and I'm like, 'Hey, you know, do you realize, on my birthday, all these other people want to come do this?' And she's like, 'Oh, yeah; I want to come do that too!' So we just smooshed it together. And Violet, I met her on the internet. She's like, 'Yeah, I'd love to fly out and be in that,' so she flew out and was in it. I didn't plan it, really; right before New Year's, I realized we could do it, so we ended up with nine in it plus Jay hosting and Alyce Anderson hosting from behind the computers and interacting with fans while the sex was going on."

Turns out Violet literally "went the extra mile" to be there. She'd flown back to her home in Wisconsin after a photo shoot, and after Eric invited her, she thought, "This is so new for me; I've never done girl-on-girl; I've never done a gangbang like this, so I'm really excited to see what it's like."

By 4 p.m. on Sunday, everyone was sitting somewhere on Eric's big bed, and the host introduced Jay Taylor as his Mistress of Ceremonies. Both she and Eric talked about what was going to happen, and since the first 15 minutes of the webcast was a freebie, all the women kept all their clothes on, in part for legal reasons since anyone who knew about the site could tune in, including those who, because of their age, shouldn't.

But after that intro, it was time to get down to business, er, fun. Tops came off, bottoms came off (including Eric's) and everyone started looking around to see who they'd like to pleasure or get pleasured by first.

To attempt to describe all the sexual action that took place over the next hour-and-a-quarter would be impossible, since things moved pretty quickly, and it was easy to get distracted by one couple or threesome or foursome and miss something that was happening on the other side of the bed—but that doesn't mean we can't give readers some idea...

Let's start with Eric. It was clearly his intention to have sex with everyone on the bed, beginning with Scarlett, the one woman he'd never had sex with. He began by eating her out, then fucked her missionarily—and that was about the only time when one of the other women didn't join in somehow. For instance, his next "conquest" was Alex More, but as the two were getting it on, Zoe Clark crawled between them—and Tara Ashley crawled on top of her!

Next up was Chanel, whom Eric took doggie style, but Vanessa saw her opportunity and crawled underneath Chanel and began eating her out while Eric was fucking her—except when he took short breaks to get blown by Cherie.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the bed, Audrey was between Zoe's thighs licking her clit; Tara was 69ing someone (sometimes from our vantage point it was a bit hard to see who was doing what to whom); and Alex and Cherie were licking Vanessa's tits after she was done with Chanel.

But back to Eric: Tara then pushed Eric back on the bed and began a vigorous (and highly expressive) cowgirl ride which was so energetic that after a few minutes, Eric pushed the tiny blonde back into missionary position so he could be actively fucking for a bit. But Tara was having nothing of that, and within moments, she'd resumed her cowgirl position and was just as loud and wild as she'd been before.

Then came a change of pace: After a hot missionary session with Audrey, Cherie took a position in front of Eric's still-raging hard-on and offered herself to him. What began as a slow, sensuous mish soon turned incredibly hot as Cherie began bucking her hips under him—so much so that all Eric had to do was stand there as Cherie's hip motions moved his cock in and out of her pussy for him!

Even in mid-fuck, Eric took a few moments to talk to his audience, saying, "Look; amazing sex with no stupid plots about stepdaughters, without qualifying anyone as a MILF or a teen—just a bunch of people who are fucking hot and want to have a good time, and everyone's actually having real orgasms!"

Later, after it was all over, Eric elaborated on that thought.

“I have to say, this was the greatest thing we’ve ever filmed here. One of the really important goals was to avoid some of what happens on a regular porn set. Specifically the parts that conspire to make the experience not that fun, and therefore the performance not to the level it should be. The raw ingredients are there but due in large part to the process by which you get to the performance, the output isn’t as great as the performers are capable of. The performers are capable of doing really epic athletic sexual things but the process of capturing it mitigates the level it could reach if allowed. I wanted to avoid that and I wanted to avoid anyone being in a bad mood beforehand due to waiting or being constrained. ... I really wanted the experience of the entire day to be that when we were done, everyone’s like ‘Yay, we had a good time,’ so hopefully that showed and people noticed that.

"I believe porn can be better if you have people that want to work with together so that you create an environment where they're happy to perform, they have a real connection, and I think we waste so much time with all this other shit.Like, by the time you do a VR scene, you are in such a bad mood from all that the process entails to get to the point where there is even the hope of a performance, you don’t even like the people around you at the moment … even if you normally adore them. So something's been lost generally that this didn't lose, so I'm very happy and pleased that we did this on my birthday."

Anyway, back to the action: As the clock ticked down, Eric managed to fuck Vanessa before Chanel decided she wanted more action, so she laid down on the edge of the bed and spread her thighs. Eric obliged, and the two began their sensuous workout—but after a few moments, Eric turned to one of the cameras and said, "Wow! Her pussy squeezes me dick so hard while we’re fucking that if I wasn’t prepared for it, it would shoot me right out of her and across the room!"

We wish we could provide more details of all the sexual action that was taking place on this queen-sized-but-smaller-looking bed (what with all the people screwing on it), but that'd probably make this article twice as long as it already is. Those interested will just have to join Eric's ErotiqueTVLive website and view the fully edited final version.

After it was all over, and people were getting dressed to go home (or, like Alex, to a party promoting the new Cowgirl sex toy), we had a chance to speak to Audrey, who admitted, "I didn't think it would be this amazing or—I knew it would be epic in some way; I just didn't know it would be a full-on orgy. There were some moves happening in there that I have not seen, shoe straps getting wrapped around cocks—so it was great. I was totally into it, with my endorphins just going the whole time; I was—what do they call it?—cum drunk."

Even Eric was a teensy bit flustered by all the action he'd just experienced.

"Today, everything was so busy and active, I only came twice, but normally on the show, I usually at least cum three times and sometimes up to seven," he told AVN. "So sometimes we'll do a sequence where I cum on their tits and then fuck longer and do a creampie and then do the foot fetish thing and then cum on their feet, so in all that footage is a lot of multiple orgasm stuff."

Eric told us that he now usually does one live scene per week on, usually on Saturday nights from 6 to 8—or if he's been hired for a feature one Saturday, he'll do the show Monday. But he stressed that thanks to his arrangement with Vicky Vette and, subscribers to his site get live scenes practically 24 hours a day, all Erotique Entertainment’s fully edited past scenes, and the archives of VetteNationLive as well.

But if one thing was clear, what happened this day was something one sees only rarely (if ever) in porn—and it was worth every penny the show's subscribers paid to see it!