Episode 1 of New Seth Gamble Cinemacore Release 'Timeless' Debuts

LOS ANGELES—Reigning AVN Male Performer of the Year and four-time Best Actor Seth Gamble returns to the lush cinemacore imagery of projects like Goddess and current multiple AVN Award nominee Vanity with new production Timeless, which begins rolling out today on Wicked.com.

The debut scene of Timeless features Gamble and Violet Starr in a passionate 1920s-themed tryst that authentically reflects the fashions, fads and film icons of the Jazz Age.

With an A-list cast that also includes Jill Kassidy, Queenie Sateen, Jane Wilde and Alexis Tae, each scene in Timeless unfolds in a different decade. Following the Roaring ‘20s setting of the opening, it moves through the elegant 1930s, the vibrant swing of the 1940s, and the sexy, exuberant 1950s. 

"Whether I am creating a cinemacore release or scripting a series as intricate as Reckless, the genesis of my creative focus invariably flows from a singular source—the realm of emotion," the director observed. "To distill the essence of a narrative into a mere sentence pales in comparison to the task of precisely identifying the emotional resonance I want to evoke in the hearts of the audience. It is within this framework that the storytelling begins to unfold organically, weaving together the strands of a sexual tapestry imbued with chemistry, passion and originality.”

Of his co-star in the opening scene of Timeless, Gamble enthused, “Violet Starr delivered on every level. From the moment the day started, I knew how fortunate I was to have her as a part of this project. She instinctively understood the atmosphere we were creating on set. The Roaring '20s was a challenging decade for women. They were expected to keep house, provide emotional support for their husbands, and in myriad ways, contribute to American society. However, many exciting and glamorous distractions offered themselves to what came to be known as the ‘New Woman.’ She could reinvent herself by studying the latest styles. She could spend evenings at parties and movies. Violet instinctively understood all of this, and the unbridled passion we had working together was unbelievable. She has that 'It' factor and it totally comes across on camera. All I can say is there was just a very honest vulnerability that affected both of us. And I know if I experienced it on set like that, then it will truly be a winner. All of the elements were as close to perfect as you can get.”

"Collaboration becomes a joy when you find a scene partner like Seth who not only shares your passion for sex but also brings out the best in you,” offered Starr. “Together, we create a harmonious symphony of passion! The attention to detail and artistry displayed in the costume design for the 1920s was truly outstanding. The costumes effortlessly transported us back in time, capturing the essence of the Roaring '20s with their elegance, glamour and sophistication. Seth’s amazing crew on set deserves high praise for their exceptional dedication. From the skilled camera operators capturing captivating shots to the talented lighting and sound technicians creating the perfect ambiance, each member of the crew played a vital role in bringing Seth’s vision to life. I feel lucky to be a part of this series."

The first episode of Timeless, starring Seth Gamble and Violet Starr, is available now exclusively on Wicked.com.