Ep 2 of Seth Gamble's 'Phantasia' Spotlights Valentina Nappi

LOS ANGELES—The second installment of actor/director Seth Gamble's new Wicked Pictures cinemacore project Phantasia is now streaming on Wicked.com. The new scene, titled "Apocalypsis," features Gamble opposite AVN Award-winning Italian star Valentina Nappi in a surreal, heavily art-directed encounter.

"For 'Apocalypsis,' the visual style is gritty, almost post-apocalyptic. Think desolate landscapes, barren wastelands, and a sense of desolation and decay," Gamble described. "The color palette tends to be muted, with a focus on earth tones—browns, grays and dusty yellows—reflecting the harsh environment of a ravaged world. Valentina’s wardrobe and styling is elaborate, contributing to the overall visceral feel of her environment."

Of his scene’s co-star, Gamble enthused, “I knew I needed an actress who could embody a fiercely independent and resourceful character, someone who is driven by a strong sense of justice and empathy. Valentina was the perfect fit. She is very determined and courageous in her performance; you really sense this is a character who’s faced numerous challenges and dangers. Along with her character's tough exterior, she brought authenticity and chemistry to the sex. The scene is well-paced, allowing for the sexual tension to build gradually and create a sense of anticipation. Cinematography, lighting and music also played crucial roles in setting the mood and enhancing the emotional impact of what we shot together. It’s a great sex scene that delivers a real sense of catharsis.”

Phantasia began rolling out last Friday with a debut episode starring fan favorite Kimmy Granger. Episodes still to come feature A-list performers Allie Nicole, Xxlayna Marie and Liz Jordan.

The second episode of Phantasia, starring Seth Gamble and Valentina, premiered today exclusively on Wicked.com.