Eon McKai to Speak at Arse Electronica 2007

SAN FRANCISCO – Director Eon McKai of Vivid Alt will be among the featured speakers at this weekends Arse Elektronika Festival at Kink.com’s Porn Palace in San Francisco. With a number of live performances, speakers and parties, the annual festival explores the links between technology, art and human sexuality.

“The event doesn’t really have too many people from the mainstream porn industry, so it’s a big honor," McKai told AVN. "Violet asked me to do it, the last time I was up in San Francisco, and she came down and spoke with us at the Los Angeles Erotica Film Fest. We had the biggest turnout of any of the seminars, and we really only advertised it by telling people to put it up on their blog or myspace page. That tells me that I have a whole new way of getting the message out there, and I’m going to try and start touring the academic circuit. I think it’ll challenge me, intellectually.”

On Saturday, writer Violet Blue will talk with McKai about the relationship porn has with new media in a public interview titled “MSM Porn Wishes It Had A Blog, AVN Licks Your Vlog.” McKai will discuss his efforts to incorporate viral marketing and online communities into the adult industry.

“I’m going to be talking about how I do some of these things within an established company that already does things a certain way. People have a lot of interest in my site for The Doll Underground, www.thedollunderground.com.

“In the end, everyone wants to jerk off and connect with people,” laughed McKai. “People just do things in different ways. There are some guys roaming around the adult video stores right now, telling other people, ‘if you like that movie, you’ll also like this, or if you like that director, you’ll also like this one.’ We’re just doing all of those things online now.”

Arse Elektronika 2007 will be held Friday through Sunday. Tickets are available online. For more information, click here (http://www.monochrom.at/arse-elektronika/tickets.html).

Eon McKai’s latest movie Debbie Loves Dallas is available now from Vivid Alt. For more information, go to www.vividalt.com.