Eon McKai: Above Ground and Underground

Eon McKai is one of the guiding hands of the alt-porn genre. As such, you might expect to find him hiding out at AEE 2007 being artistic and withdrawn, “robo-tripping” down South Tam Drive south of the Strip and engaged in a serious tussle with the ‘Tussin. But McKai’s not dancing with Mr. Dextromethorphan today (and as far as we know, is definitely NOT a cough syrup user). So much for generalizations from Squaresville. McKai’s in full professional mode at the Vivid booth, glad-handing fans and taking care of business.

He’s all business when asked what’s going on. “Well Dana DeArmond is signing and we’ve changed how we did it getting them to the booth and everyone’s on time,” said McKai. So much for the tortured artist stereotype.

Asked what was up with him personally for this year’s show, McKai said, “I’ve booked all this press and things were a little hectic the first day, but we’ve settled into things now and it’s going smoothly.”

McKai was also enjoying his dual role as both director and business man. “I’ve been pitching side-by-side with Tristan Taormino—Vivid-Ed—and we’re just trying a bunch of different things on the store side and the promotions side of things.”

McKai was also happy to talk about his concern about how alt-porn is handled in the marketplace. “My big thing right now is making sure that alt-porn is handled in the right way, and we’re trying to sell it that way too. I want to make sure ourmessage is coming thorugh to the customers,” said McKai. “The message is that someone like you—someone you have something in common with—is making movies.”

Viral marketing is also foremost in McKai’s mind, especially in regard to his upcoming project The Doll Underground. “I’ve been promoting it through a viral site,” said McKai. “You can see what we’re doing at TheDollUnderground.com. It looks really cool like some sort of conspiracy theory thing.”

Like the kids say, it’s only rock and roll. Or something like that.