EnvisionextAdult.com Announces Release of AdultDesignContest.com

Web design firm EnvisionextAdult.com has announced the debut of AdultDesignContest.com.

With multiple adult industry design contests being sponsored in the past, the company is striving to create an efficiently organized and standardized system that it feels has been lacking. Contest participants have been required to monitor adult forums to find contests of interest, sometimes resulting in the failure of specific contests to attract a sufficient number of designers. EnvisionextAdult.com perceived a gap in this arena and decided to create AdultDesignContest.com.

“There is finally a place where webmasters can get the best job done for their budget. This has never been done in the adult marketplace,” says Stan Fiskin, president of ADC.

The site is a virtual marketplace where contest creators and designers can convene and collaborate. It enables designers to display their previous work and solicit design jobs outside the ADC system. Beginning designers can build their portfolios. For a fee, contest clients can get maximum exposure for their contests.

ADC incorporates a notification system that allows designers to be informed when a contest is started. Instant notification via ICQ and email enables more immediate participation in the contest by designers, resulting in faster design solutions for the client. Both open and private contests are supported.

The system operates in a three-step process. A deposit is made into an ADC escrow account, specifications are posted on the website, and entries are reviewed and accepted by the client. Because ADC serves as an escrow agent, the winning designer is compensated in a timely manner and the client doesn’t have to pay multiple parties.