Entice.tv Bringing IPTV to Gay Adult Industry

Entice.tv is taking its IPTV (Internet protocol television) to adult gay producers through a customized version of the company’s new on-demand adult entertainment service.

Entice.tv delivers DVD-quality video and high-definition video via a broadband connection to a PC and then to TV without the need for a set-top box. The player is customizable by video preference: gay, lesbian, straight, or any combination.

Users who select gay content will receive software for a player devoted to all-gay videos and images. The on-screen, remote-controlled guide is based on the chosen preference and includes such categories as twink, uniforms, muscle men, and “str8 bait.”

“We are enthusiastic to add gay studios to our innovative service. Entice.tv offers gay producers a way to have their own studio-branded TV channels, much different than broadcast, but just as user-friendly,” says Susan Keil, president of Entice.tv. “Gay producers who’ve looked to distribute their titles through a venue with the video quality and ease of use of cable and satellite have been out of luck, until now. Hardcore gay adult titles can now be offered discreetly and conveniently, there’s no need to go out to an adult video store, wait for a brown paper package to arrive, or watch poor quality video on a tiny computer screen.”