Enjoying the Ride: Interview With Ziggy Star

LOS ANGELES—On a hot, hot day in Chatsworth, Ziggy Star breezed into the AVN offices draped in a strapless ankle-length dress. When asked, "Isn't that dress hot?" she responded with a matter-of-fact "No," pulling it open to reveal that the dress—a long piece of colorful cloth, really—was all she was wearing.


She did her first scene, a g/g, on December 31, 2014, "and I loved it. The girl, the camera, the first time having a Magic Wand used on me. She knew what she was doing and I was so inexperienced ... it opened up a whole different world for me."

The different world includes travel ("I get to see the most beautiful sights I never even imagined would be there") and parties, and "I love the attention I get from fans." She also appreciates the mentorship of industry veterans: "A lot of people will take me under their wing and help me. I really appreciate that.

"I'm enjoying the ride that I'm on."

She says she's done "too many scenes to write down" and adds that she'll "do anything" in scenes—"IR, anal, double penetration, squirt"—quickly adding: "I won't do double-anal. I'm really good at double-vag. Double-vag is amazing," she croons, unconsciously raising a fist. "I'm also a really good stripper, and I'm working on my pole dancing."

Between shooting scenes, she's finishing her studies in massage therapy and starting a line of "Ziggy Creations" cannabis edibles ("My birthday is 4/20. I'm a pot baby, man.") including brownie and pineapple upside-down cake. ("It should taste good. There's medicine in there.")

Her words to live by paraphrase Thomas Jefferson: "If you want something you've never had, you've got to do something you've never done."

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