Emotions In Motion: MaXiMotion Introduces Fleshcards

Three-dimensional plastics company MaXiMotion is rolling out an exciting new product sure to delight the porn world, adult Moviecards called Fleshcards.com.

After spending eight years designing and supplying lenticular plastics to companies such as Nike, Disney, Calvin Klein and Major League Baseball and many major motion picture studios, Fred and his son Sam founded MaXiMotion LLC in 2003 to offer cutting-edge technology of 3D and motion lenticular printing to many different industries. 

The offspring of the Schecter’s 52-year-old Plastics Company, MaXiMotion targets markets and products that will benefit most from 3D and motion printing, such as business cards, promotional fliers, advertising specialties, point of purchase signage, window displays, packaging, labels, hang tags, backstage passes and various other means of identification and authentication. 

“I was convinced that this technology could transform the adult market,” said Schecter Sr. “We can get 25 frames on video-quality animation on a card. You just bend back and forth and you got a real video.” 

As their Moviecards caught on, Schecter decided to dive into the adult market, creating Fleshcards for the likes of jj1.com, Penthouse and Penthouse model Victoria Zdrok, porn star Cassie Young and other porn stars and websites. 

“We did a whole series called Web-girls for jj1.com and they’re going to be sold on our Website and his and any affiliates that get involved. The beauty is that we are going to be able rank these 20 cards, or 13 girls, by popularity by hits on the Websites. The videos of these girls will be on my site and everyday they will be ranked by their popularity.”

Fleshcards are not just a Net-novelty though, and will soon be hitting retail. Comic book stores, records shops, sex shops and various novelty stores have all expressed interest in as well.

“The cards will be packaged in packs like baseball cards and sold to retail as well. Every hundred packs will have a special bonus card, a card autographed by Victoria Zarok. Plus, one out of 1,000 packs will also have a special “reality card.” We also have cards with fat girls, a 70-year-old lady showing her tits, and so on. Truly a wild card!”

During August’s Internext in Florida, their cards were displayed on a plastic Ferris wheel for all to see, giving the impression of dozens of girls flashing the crowd,. The booth was a big hit with the fans on the floor. Now time will tell if they are hit with Joe Public. 

“The proven sales advantage of 3D holographic and motion printing in retail sales is well documented. Now it’s time to bring the technology to adult.”