Emma Hix, Blake Blossom Command Episode 3 of Seth Gamble's 'Iris'

LOS ANGELES—"Decision," the third installmen of award-winning director/performer Seth Gamble lates Wicked Pictures feature Iris is now streaming on Wicked.com. Starring 2022 AVN Best New Starlet Blake Blossom, Emma Hix and Alex Mack, the new scene’s trailer can be viewed here

Commenting on the work Blossom, Hix and Mack put into the thre-way that emerges as the centerpiece of Iris, Gamble said, “As the director, I was incredibly impressed by the preparation each of them brought to the table. Blake approached the scene with a methodical precision, immersing herself in the character's imagined backstory and motivations. She memorized lines not just for accuracy, but to internalize every nuance and inflection, ensuring her performance was emotionally charged. Emma came from a more organic place; her ability to convey subtle shifts in emotion through body language and facial expressions added layers of depth to the scene, turning the screws on the tension we wanted to create. Alex, meanwhile, was very natural, and really delivered with his understanding of pace and timing—a lot of what he needed to do involved reacting to the head games at play between the two women. He brought a natural intensity to his character that made the scene feel real and immediate.”

Regarding the sex in "Decision," Gamble enthused, "The personal chemistry between Blake, Emma and Alex was incredible. Blake was fluid and instinctive, true to what we’ve seen from the character of Iris, which added tension and intrigue to the sex. There was intense energy but also intense emotion. They never broke character. The passion among the three was undeniable and elevated the impact of the scene immeasurably.”

"Decision" premiered today exclusively on Wicked.com.