Eminem Loses His Head Over Sasha Grey

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Damn, girlfriend Sasha Grey is breaking hearts again… and heads. This time, Eminem not only carries a huge torch for his slow-eyed beauty, but he actually ends his fictive life upon learning that she’s been a-cheatin’ on him. But what the fuck did he expect? She’s a heart-breaker! Of course, this being a music video, the whole thing could also be a dream.

The storyline is from Eminem’s latest music video titled Space Bound, of course, and not real life, though it was rumored that perhaps the shoot emulated a bit of it. (Though I prefer to think a little Method was in play.) The vid was released a few days ago and is already being described as “shocking” by some, and “violent” by others, which would certainly be accurate considering Eminem ultimately puts a gun to his chin and pulls the trigger as multiple views in slow-motion show the bullet exiting the back of his head—lead poisoning, thanks indirectly to the girlfriend.

"Em simply becomes company for her, and she mistakenly takes advantage of that," Grey said. "Before each take, Joseph [Kahn, the director] and I would talk a lot about her motives and attitude. Her ultimate moment doesn't come until the end, so I had plenty of time to build the fear!"

The fear her character experiences is at the hands of Eminem, who at one point tries to strangle her, or at least imagines doing so since she disappears as his grip tightens. What does it all mean?

"I don't know if it necessarily has a thorough message, but I think it shows that even the strongest of love meets destruction at some point," Grey told MTV News. "Whether or not you come out of it together and whole is an entirely different question."

The video can be seen here. We’d advise kids not to watch, but hey, the Supreme Court just ruled that playing brain matter and kids go together like soup and sandwiches!

The video can be seen here.

Photo: Sasha Grey in Space Bound.