Emily Willis, Kenzie Anne Discuss New Ventures

LOS ANGELES — Shortly before 8:30 p.m. — on a mild evening in early September — Scarlett Sage scurried through the kitchen at Motley Manor clutching a fire extinguisher.

“Anybody know how to use one of these?” Sage said with a grin. “I want to be prepared, just in case.”

About 20 yards away, on the outdoor patio next to the pool, Jewelz Blu was dazzling about 50 guests with the fire dancing routine that once earned her work at carnivals and EDM concerts across the country.

Twirling a fire fan—an object constructed of non-combustible blades that are set alight—Blu weaved about the patio and spun in circles as flames illuminated the sky. Spectators applauded and cheered throughout Blu’s performance, which was among the many highlights of another eventful media night at Motley Manor.

Earlier in the evening, reigning AVN Female Performer of the Year showed off her cowgirl skills—but not in the way most porn fans are accustomed. Instead, Willis and other Motley Models took turns riding a mechanical bull that host Dave Rock had rented for his backyard.

A few feet away performers such as Katie Kush, Kylie Rocket, Lily Lou and Kayley Gunner hopped around in an inflatable bounce house as videographers shot footage for a reality TV show.

Leashed and collared, “slave” Coco Lovelock was led around the property by Hyley Winters, her master for the evening. Chef and his crew from Disciples of Desire shot footage of Maddy May, Charly Summer and Ashley Lane in front of—and inside—a bespoke, ebony-colored Rolls Royce. Male talent Ricky Johnson, who was representing Brazzers, was among a handful of other high-profile guests.

AVN spoke with numerous performers throughout the evening. Here are a handful of notes from those conversations:


Eight months after nabbing a ceremony-high nine trophies at the 2021 AVN Awards, Emily Willis’ career continues to ascend at a meteoric pace. In August, the 22-year-old face of Motley Models was anointed as a contract girl for Slayed, the new all-girl imprint from Vixen.

With scenes from elite performers such as Willis, Kenna James, Charlotte Stokely and Adriana Chechik, it’s easy to see why Slayed is generating industry buzz.

Willis said Vixen officials told her they wanted the site to be “hot and glamorous, just like all of its other brands.”

“It’s very high-end,” Willis said. “They want the girls to get dressed up and to feel sexy. They want them to feel their absolute best. It’s very empowering.”

Willis said she takes her role as the site’s contract girl extremely seriously. To her, it’s more than just a title.

“I wouldn’t call it pressure,” Willis said. “But there’s definitely a confidence you have to have. In my mind, I’m thinking, ‘I’m a Slayed contract girl. I’m here for this. It’s on me to not only do my best work, but also to bring out the best in my partner. I’ve got to bring that fierceness out of her.’ That’s what (Vixen) told me they want from me. It’s a huge honor.”

As seasoned of a performer as she is, Willis said she still sometimes feels like a newbie when it comes to having sex with women. She said she started experimenting with females as a senior in high school. At the time she said she preferred tomboys and “girls that wore hats. That was my vibe.” Four years later she said she’s attracted to all types.

“Sometimes it can be intimidating,” Willis said with a laugh. “I mean, I know what to do to turn guys on. With a woman, it’s more of a challenge to make her feel good. I don’t just want it to look good. I want it to feel good. I don’t want it to feel like we’re shooting it for a movie. I want it to feel real to her. So that’s my challenge, to learn about that girl’s body and then getting us to that magical moment where we’re both just cumming.”

Willis definitely reach that point in each of her Slayed appearances thus far. She pretzeled up with Ariana Marie and Eliza Ibarra in a scene called “Driver.” But it was a hookup with gorgeous redhead Vanna Bardot in “Light Me Up” that has generated the most buzz thus far.

“We have a really good chemistry,” Willis said. “She’s a babe. I just love her. I love to just devour her and play with her.

“The one with Ariana Marie and Eliza was really good, too. There’s a different type of energy in a scene when you’re really attracted to somebody physically; when you see her and think, ‘Wow, she’s so hot. I just want to fuck her.’”

As busy as she’s been promoting and shooting for Slayed and other studios, Willis—more than ever—is placing an equal amount of importance on her personal life. Gone are the days of shooting four or five scenes per week.

“I could never do that again,” Willis said. “Now I’m all about spacing things out. I have to keep myself balanced. I do a lot of self care—lots of spa days or taking it easy at the pool or going to yoga or Pilates classes.”

That’s not to say that Willis hasn’t been putting in a lot of work. At press time she’d shot about 60 scenes in 2021, according to IAFD.

“I’m not going to burn myself out,” Willis said. “I’m only taking on the projects that I want to shoot, ones that matter to me. I’ve found my happy balance.”



Speaking of new endeavors, surging newcomer Kenzie Anne has relaunched her personal website, Kenzieland.com, and couldn’t be more excited about its new direction.

Kenzie said her former contract with Vixen prevented her from featuring lengthy content on her platform. But when her deal expired at the beginning of September, she immediately posted a sizzling threesome featuring herself alongside real-life couple Vanna Bardot and Codey Steele. Scenes with Jax Slayher and Rob Piper are also in works.

Kenzie said she’s responsible for storylines, scripts, booking talent, scouting locations, choosing outfits and writing contracts. Because she also shoots content for studios and OnlyFans, Kenzie said her plan is to film one new scene for Kenzieland each month.

“At least initially,” she said. “I’ve got to make sure that I’m not overdoing it right off the bat. I don’t want to take too big of a bite and then not give people what they’re used to. Right now I’m about quality over quantity.”

Much like Slayed—for which she’s already shot two scenes—Kenzie said she’s focusing on producing glamorous porn.

“I actually call it ‘glamorously dirty,’” she chuckled. “For me, sex in my personal life is all about body worship. You don’t see a lot of that in porn. I want to (shoot) something a little more sensual, something where it’s a little bit more about the woman.

“Men typically only get one shot to cum. Women have so many opportunities to cum. During a sexual experience, women can climax so many times. One orgasm can last so long. Even after that, she can keep going and cum, like, 15 times. I want to highlight that stuff. Guys with huge dicks don’t need to rail their entire dick inside of a woman; one-quarter of the way is fine. You can please a woman that way.”

Kenzie said oral scenes on her site will be memorable.

“Slow and sensual, lots of licking,” she said. “I’ve noticed in porn there so much fast motion that goes on and so much deep-throating. That’s fine. It’s hot, and I want that in my brand. But I also want to do the slow stuff, the stuff that you just don’t forget.

“Visually, you’re not going to forget the way a woman licks you, from the tip of your dick to your balls, slowly, while she’s staring at you.”

Kenzie said she’s received loads of positive feedback about her newest scene. She echoed Willis’ comments about working with Bardot, who she said was extremely “sharing” with her boyfriend, Steele. 

“I’ve been with couples in my personal life,” Kenzie said. “It’s really important to bond with the woman over the man. I went into this threesome with that in mind. But Vanna is so confident. I’m trying to make eye contact with her the whole time, and I’m realizing, ‘She doesn’t care. She wants to watch me cum on him.’ Vanna was an angel to work with. I want to hire them individually again. And then as a group. We could make OnlyFans content.”

Kenzie also said the scene features her squirting on camera for the first time in her career.

“The first time I did it,” she said, “an out-of-industry guy was fingering me. All of a sudden, I wasn’t even trying, and it happened. I was like, ‘Literally, no one has ever done that to me before.’ He had really long fingers. For the longest time I thought it could only happen via fingering. Then I realized it could happen with just the tip of a dick.

“I was really happy when I learned how to do it. It feels good. It’s a strange feeling. I don’t even know how to describe it.”



One of Motley’s newest additions is blonde bombshell Hyley Winters, who stands 5-foot-7 before she puts on heels.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Winters said she’s “been about the sex life for a long time, even at a young age.” She lost her virginity in the gazebo of a neighborhood park and has been checking off times from her naughty bucket list ever since.

Winters said she had some butterflies before her first scene, but once she watched the replay, all of her apprehensions went out the door.

“I was like, ‘I don’t know how this is going to look,’” Winters said. “But then I saw myself and I was like, ‘Well, shit, bitch … OK. Let’s keep on going.’

“Sometimes I watch and critique myself, but other times I’ll actually get off to my own content. “My favorite was when I was wearing a black bob wig. Watching that one was really hot, because it was me, but it didn’t really look like me.”

Winters said her experiences in porn have been so positive that she’s changed how she views sex in her personal life.

“I have more fun having sex on camera now than I do in my personal life,” she said. “It’s more creative. And the person you’re interacting with is also thinking creatively. In your personal life, it’s not always quite as fun.”



Happy porniversary to Gizelle Blanco, who celebrated her one-year mark in the industry on Aug. 17. The 5-foot-9 Hawaii native is regarded as one of the top new performers in the business, having shot more than 60 scenes for some of the top studios in porn.

Already a high-level performer, Blanco said she’s constantly watching replays of her scenes and looking for ways to improve.

“I’m looking to see if my body looks good, or what my posture looks like in certain positions,” Blanco said. “I want to make it look better and sexier. Sometimes I get so into (the sex), I just get carried away. I’ll try my hardest, but if I’m with a really intense performer, I turn to jello.

“Those intense scenes are the best ones, though. They’re the most raw.”

One such encounter occurred recently on a Vixen set, when Blanco took on Hall of Famer Manuel Ferrara in the featurette “Gold Digger,” which is one of her best scenes to date.

“The lines were interesting,” she said. “I loved the story of a gold digger trying to get into her boyfriend’s daddy’s head. Everything went great. Manuel is a super-intense performer.”

So, too, is Ramon Nomar—Blanco’s off-screen beau for the past six months. Blanco said she and Nomar routinely shoot content for each other’s OnlyFans sites.

“It’s always fun and I’m usually wiped out by the end of it,” Blanco said. “Sometimes I don’t know where he gets all his energy. He wore me out one time. It was on a set. I was falling apart and slipping all over the place because I was covered in sweat.”

Blanco and Nomar go to the gym multiple times each week, and instead of lifting weights separately, they do their workouts together.

“We kick ass,” she said. “We cheer each other on. We always say, ‘Think about the donuts.’ We eat them on cheat days—but only one each. My favorites are strawberry with sprinkles, or maple.”

Blanco’s efforts to maintain her physique are paying off, as she continues to get booked for high-profile scenes while her OnlyFans subscriptions soar.

“I love to send nudes and I do a lot of pictures,” she said. “It’s kind of like my Instagram story, except more explicit, more intimate. I shoot a lot of content for it.

“I’m trying to shoot more with new people, but I’ve kind of been slacking. My pussy goes through things. Sometimes I need to rest and recover. It’s not just my nether region that gets sore, it's my whole body. Porn is a tough-ass workout.”


Photography by @KogaFoto