Emily Rigby Launches Studio with <i>Running a Train on Katie Kayne</i>

MIAMI—Emily Rigby will enter a new phase of her blossoming career on Tuesday, when the first movie from her new production company, Running a Train on Katie Kayne, hits the streets from Pulse Distribution.

The star protégé of Cezar Capone said the time was right to launch her own brand and begin revealing more of her naughty side behind the camera.

“In the time that I’ve been working with Cezar Capone and been on his sets and even directing his stuff I’ve really learned a lot,” Rigby said. “And when I was on set I always wanted to push it a little further. I would think, ‘what if we do that? Let’s do a cum swap or a double penetration, or anal.’ I always want to push it a little dirtier. Cezar Capone is always good at making a scene beautiful so he doesn’t feel the need to cross the line. For me, I always want more and want to take things to the next level.”

Rigby’s previously unseen vision of debauchery is on display in Running a Train on Katie Kayne, which features seven sex scenes all shot in Miami Beach

“I’ve always had a fantasy about people running a train on me and going through a line of people, like a line of guys taking turns with one sex scenario going right into the next,” Rigby admitted. “So this is really a dream come true to shoot this. We totally took advantage of her and she loved it and everyone on the crew loved it.” 

Kayne, an Ohio native, actually surprised Rigby as the perfect fit for the role. "The photos didn't do her justice," said Rigby, adding that Kevin from Type9 helped her cast the movie.

Rigby made her directorial debut last September with the solo movie, My Personal Panties, and since has shot over 60 scenes for various productions, including Cezar Capone, Club Jenna and Levi Cash. Among her credits are Teenage Delinquents 2, Fucking for Gas Money, 18 with Proof 2 and 3 and Bad Girls Get Fucked for Capone.

She decided to launch her own studio, Emily Rigby Productions, about seven weeks ago.

“It’s really exciting because I can do everything that comes to my imagination and I’m a pretty fucked-up individual inside my head,” Rigby joked. “I’ve had some dirty fantasies for a really long time and I’m excited to play out some of them for other people. I’ve shot a good number of scenes now and I’m loving it.”

Born and raised in San Luis Obispo County in California and now a resident of Miami, Rigby said she realizes she has certain advantages as a female director.

“I know that I do, I’m comfortable with the girls,” she said. “It’s all about having a good time. I’m open about my own sexual experiences and my own fantasies. It’s great to be a whore. ... Why not? It’s fun. The girls catch onto that vibe and they can be dirty and they can be wild and they can enjoy it. I think the girls give me a better scene because they want to make me proud.”

The second title from her new company is called Emily Rigby’s Crush, which stars Alexia Sky, and will ship in October.

“We get her to do her first very first anal scene," Rigby said. "It’s going to be awesome and we have some more dirty things in the works."