Ember Snow’s First IR Takes the Direct Approach on Dark X

LOS ANGELES — Ember Snow waited for just the right moment to appear in her first IR scene. It's a simple scene about stepfather issues, which has proven to be the perfect vehicle, and it's “The Direct Approach” on DarkX.com.

According to a synopsis provided by the company, Ember seems to have a strained relationship with her new stepfather, Isiah Maxwell. When he tries to get to the bottom of the issue, he finds out that Ember isn’t mad at him at all. In fact, she’s been crushing on him since her mom married him—and it’s not long before Isiah wants to connect with Ember in a very special way. 

Snow said, “I am so pleased with how this turned out. I had been holding off on doing a scene like this because I wanted it to have a certain look and feel to it. James Avalon and everyone at Dark X were very receptive to how I wanted my first scene with an African-American male talent to be presented, and they really delivered on this one. Isiah Maxwell was such a pleasure to work with and I hope we get paired again soon. Of all the stuff I have done, there are a handful of scenes that I actually get wet watching. This is definitely one of them.”

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