Elyse’s Passion Closes Doors in Cincinnati; Business For Sale

Elyse Metcalf, winner of the AVN's 2002 Reuben Sturman Award and best known for tackling the legal system in Cincinnati, has decided to close her 9-year-old business.

The mom and pop store (minus the pop), called Elyse's Passion, is a sole proprietary establishment filled with adult DVDs, self-help books, and other eclectic forms of media. The store's risqué inventory aroused the interest of the city of Cincinnati to the point where, in 2001, Metcalf was charged with three counts of pandering obscenity. Thanks to her attorney, H. Louis Sirkin, her stubborn feelings of right and wrong, and her unwillingness to cave in to lesser charges, Metcalf was subsequently acquitted of all charges and paved the way for others, including Hustler, in the city of Cincinnati.

Over the years Metcalf has braved the law, a home fire, illness, and other adverse conditions. Her motto is "Be Not Afraid".

Metcalf's decision to close up at this time, despite having a thriving storefront location in the heart of the business district of Northside (a historical section of Cincinnati), was due to a recent robbery attempt at the store. "I admit that it scared me – this is the first time my store has been robbed," she said. "Still, I'm not completely getting out of the adult industry – I love it! But for now, I think it is time for my participation in Elyse's Passion to close.  If anyone is interested in buying the business I will also be available to advise and consult as needed as part of the deal."  

Anyone interested in purchasing Elyes's Passion or its inventory is welcome to contact her at 513-541-0800.

Pictured: Elyse Metcalf during her 2001 arrest.