Eli Cross Joins Elegant Angel Stable of Directors

In the second of what Elegant Angel General Manager Axel Braun says will be a series of exclusive contract signings, the adult studio announced today that director Eli Cross has just inked a one-year six-picture deal with the company. Cross joins the controversial Thomas Zupko whose signing was announced last week.

The Visitor, Cross' debut feature for the company is being billed as "a XXX extravaganza" that, according to Braun and Elegant Angel owner Patrick Collins, "boldly goes where no porn has gone before."

The Visitor combines stylish, sci-fi porn-noir with the flavor of an experimental film - and, of course, hardcore sex.

"It is unlike anything I've seen in the adult business" Braun says, "technically and visually as close to mainstream as you can get. When I first met with Eli to discuss the project I knew he was going to deliver a good product, but "The Visitor" has exceeded my highest expectations."

The The Visitor, Flick Shagwell stars as a young girl possessed by the psyche of a parasitic extraterrestrial, a malicious alien that seems to feed both on sexual energy and the life-force of those it controls. As the emotionless creature moves from encounter to encounter, each participant becomes a sexual puppet performing to suit the alien's ever-more deviant desires. Elizabeth del Mar, Holly Hollywood, Ashley Moore, Julie Knight, and Jasmine Lynn deliver some of the most intense and aggressive sex scenes of their careers.

"I'm primarily known for features," says Cross, "which carry this weird 'vanilla sex' stigma, but I really love the down and dirty stuff that just goes for the jugular. The Visitor I was allowed to combine the requisite artistic aesthetic of the feature with pure, nasty, real sex. I don't think this has been done that often."

Cross is a Film School graduate with a lengthy background in mainstream. From producing several well-received arthouse films to directing for the legendary Roger Corman, Eli has proven not only his versatility but also his unique approach to filmmaking. "The Money Shot", a mainstream web series he produced in conjunction with Paul Fishbein in 2002, also received critical acclaim from the likes of The New York Times and The Village Voice.

The Visitor is scheduled for a June 17th release. Distributors can call Elegant Angel at 1-800-495-5594 to order.