Eli Cross Featured in 'Geek Monthly'

LOS ANGELES - SexZ Pictures contract director Eli Cross of Upload and Corruption fame is profiled in the March issue of 'Geek Monthly'.

"It makes sense that they would interview a porn director,” said Cross, who appears in the mag alongside Iron Man director Jon Favreau and comedian Dana Gould. “After all, geeks and porn go together like handcuffs and romance."

The article by Robert Meyer Burnett reveals that in addition to his well-documented proclivity for fisting, bondage and anal sex, Cross has an obsession with toys and action figures.

“I think the guys at the magazine just wanted to prove that not all of us live in our parents’ basement surrounded by toys," he said. "Some of us live in lofts with dungeons…surrounded by toys.”

While the article hails Cross as "perhaps the greatest porn director working in the adult industry," SexZ Pictures CEO Bo Kenney laughed at the image of his 40-year-old contract director playing with dolls.

“Hell, I’ve got a lot of toys, but mine are race cars and motorcycles and boats,” said Kenney. “I’ve always known there was a part of Eli that was about thirteen years old, I just try not to think about it.”

For more information about SexZ Pictures, visit www.sexz.com.

To read Eli Cross’ blog, visit www.myspace.com/elicross.