Eli Cross Continues Search For <i>The Blood Of Virgins</i>

LOS ANGELES – AVN award-winning director Eli Cross and SexZ Pictures are searching for one final actress to round out the cast of the upcoming adult/horror movie The Blood of Virgins. Cross is finding his requirements for the role are making the search a difficult one.

"The search is tough," Cross lamented, "I need a Euro-chick who can act and who's nasty...and the acting part is really hanging me up."

Cross has already been on one European scouting party, but with no results. "I'm going back [to Europe] this week for four days…and then we go back for four or five weeks starting in April to begin shooting," he said.

Asked if he hadn't found any actresses he considered remotely viable,  Cross answered, "Viable? If I'm making the same kind of porn movies everybody makes, then sure, I've got some candidates. Girls who can say the words? Yeah. But viable I the sense it's going to be somebody I'm happy with? Not yet."

Cross also noted how the movie was evolving from a strictly porn production. "We're expanding the script because we've got a mainstream release deal for the unrated cut, so we're doing two whole movies: a full-fledged mainstream movie and we're also doing a porn version," he said.

Given those parameters, Cross was very specific on one detail: "This chick has got to be able to act. The last third of the movie hangs on this character.  Originally, the part was written for an American, but now that we're going to shoot most of the movie in Europe, I don't really have an excuse for this girl to be an American."

Summing things up, Cross told AVN.com, "And so the search continues. I'm going to need some luck with this."