Elegant's Wall of Sales

Lest anyone forget, the Business of Porn is business. Elegant Angel has recently increased its business with the addition of Stuart Wall as Domestic Sales Manager.

"When you feel like part of the company, you're part of it's success," Wall told AVN.com. "It's gratifying."

Wall joined Elegant Angel at about the same time Axel Braun took over as General Manager. Braun had told AVN.com at that time that he wanted to engender in Elegant's employees a sense of personal responsibility for the company's success.

"It's very peaceful here, (but) at the same time you feel everyone is working for the same goal," Wall said. He had previously been working as General Video's SoCal Sales Rep out of an office at Sin City.

Now he has taken his 12-years-in-the-making Rolodex (he started at VCX in 1991, then moved to GVA for the past five years), a Quickbooks database, and a broad industry knowledge to Patrick Collins' Elegant Angel, overseeing the rollout of some very successful titles.

"We've got (Braun's) The Squirting Adventures of Dr. G. hitting 2,000 VHS and DVD sales the first week, Mason's Dirty Trixxx 2 getting great reviews, and (Patrick Collins') Sodomania #39 coming out today," Wall said. "It's a good time to be here."

Wall also said that the continued wooing of Braun's porn pioneer father, Lasse, out of retirement in Italy is proceeding apace. "We're hoping to get him out here next month," Wall said.

Wall spends about half of his day on the phone with distributors and half on the computer writing and answering e-mails, a different sales grind than what he encountered on entering the industry with VCX. But he is still dealing with some of his oldest customers, and the importance of those personal relationships has not changed.

"In fact," Wall said," with all the competition, it's much more important."

Wall can be reached at Elegant Angel's new server.