Elegant Angel Turns it Around

It’s been a roller coaster ride in many ways for Patrick Collins and his been-around-since-practically-the-beginning company Elegant Angel.

The company, at its ‘90s peak, was a front-runner with well-received series and sexy contract girls. But following the Fat City good times, Elegant Angel seemed to have lost its way and was drifting rudderless through the world of adult entertainment. Word on the street was that Elegant, once visionary, was now merely following the lead of upstart companies.

That’s all changed now that Elegant Angel has found new inspiration in such specialized areas as squirting and big, oil-soaked asses. Collins took a minute on the floor of the AEE to talk about Elegant’s rebirth. “It really started in 2001. I looked at my life and I looked at the business, and I decided it all sucked. I was faced with either dumping Elegant Angel, starting another company—which would have been the easy way to do things—or resurrecting Elegant Angel,” said Collins.

Collins credits much of Elegant Angel’s renewed energy to director William H.

“When he first started with us, he could hardly work a camera, but I brought him along step-by-step. It took some time, but now I’ll put him up against any shooter in the business,” said Collins.

The squirting movies that form a big part of the company’s current success, have caused the company special budgeting concerns. Collins explained, “If you see these movies, you know that girls squirt right into the camera. Those cameras aren’t cheap and we get about three shoots out of them before they need to be replaced.”

Collins also gives props to Elegant Angel’s general manager Graham Travis for helping turn things around. Travis commented on his role within the company. “There were a lot of inconsistencies. The dedication to quality and all the things that made Elegant Angel great seemed to have been lost. The box covers didn’t have a consistent look. We’ve really addressed those problems and we’ve got some great directors working for us now,” said Travis.

Summing up the revival of Elegant Angel, Travis said, “It comes down to a few key things: Great marketing and product identification…and the emergence of William H. as a great director.”

Collins, for his part, couldn’t agree more.

Pictured: Katja Kassin, Collins, Sierra Sinn, Flower Tucci.