Elegant Angel Gets Free Advertising ... At A GOP Convention!

LAS VEGAS - Attendees at the Clark County Republican Convention on March 8 knew good religious advertising when they saw it – and if it was free to boot, that would only make it that much better, right?

That's the likely reason why the more than 3,000 Grand Old Party delegates, plus authorized guests, convention volunteers and even journalists, seemed to have no trouble partying down by wearing badge-holding inch-wide fire-engine-red lanyards advertising that stately religious website "elegantangel.com" – although the real import of the advertising didn't escape Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Erin Neff.

"I got an email from the Las Vegas Review Journal saying, 'Did you guys sponsor the Republican convention?'" Elegant Angel owner Patrick Collins told AVN. "Yeah, I mean, it was on our list; we just never got around to it. Anyway, as it turned out, they all had them. They were extra lanyards. I don't know where they came from but they were all wearing them. I guess there was a box of them left over from the [AEE] show, and the Republicans just found them and used them."

Neff agreed.

"Seems to me the pipeline from The Venetian [where many conventioneers were staying] extends to its Sands Convention Center," Neff wrote. "Someone probably brings by all kinds of leftover goodies that may someday help the party. Pens, notebooks. Who knows what else the party's got?"

Even better, Neff reported that convention chairman Chris Comfort "reminded delegates to support the sponsors" several times during the day.

However, according to Neff, the conventioneers figured out that they were "walking billboards for smut" about two hours after the convention convened, and Deputy District Attorney Bernie Zadrowski, who also served as the Clark County Republican chairman, began quietly telling delegates to remove the offending neckwear. But no general announcement was made, and Neff herself didn't figure out what had happened until a week later when she looked more closely at the lanyard and decided, just for fun, to see what was on the elegantangel.com website.

"It crossed my mind: What is this company?" Neff wrote. "The next thing I knew, I was perusing porn at the office... Not only can you purchase 'Big Wet Asses,' you can get 'Big Black Wet Asses,' too."

Who knows? Elegant Angel may just have found a whole new constituency for its products. However, Collins said he hadn't checked his site to see if there'd been a spike in new visitors or orders that weekend.