Editorial: Self-Righteous, 'Sex-Positive' Violet Blue Can't Get Her Facts Straight

SAN FRANCISCO - Did you know that former Blackzilla star Shane Diesel is actually a woman?

That's just one of the things you'll learn if you read the blathering of self-righteous sex columnist Violet Blue in today's online edition of the San Francisco Chronicle.

Quoting from the gay website The Sword, which in turn misquoted AVN's February cover story about the interracial porn market, Blue didn't bother to check her facts. So, according to Blue's column, well-known male performer Diesel is "the female star of My Daughter is Fucking a Nigga".

There's no room for research on Violet Blue's soapbox; this is, after all, Thee Violet Blue, who took a porn actress to court in order to protect her sacred pseudonym. Treading the PC party line, Violet is all for the empowerment of "sex workers" and free expression...unless that sex worker infringes on Violet's own capitalist "brand" by associating her name with the sort of sexual expression she doesn't like.

But this isn't about Violet's litigious bullying of a porn chick. It's about the Plight of the Modern Negro.

Listen up, Porn Incorporated: Violet Blue is tired of your race-baiting tropes and tricks! She's had it with the horrors of the racist patriarchy, and her pale, delicate white skin is burning red with rage!

Such "disturbing" titles as Chatsworth Pictures' Oh No! There's a Negro in My Mom! are keeping women like Shane Diesel down, Violet says, and the sell-outs at AVN are promoting the oppression by pointing out that such videos make money...and, worse, presenting a discussion of the market trend as funny.

Titled "Black Humor", the AVN story examined the popularity of videos that combine big black dicks and little white chicks. Editor Nelson X spoke to performers and producers (both black and white), questioning whether the use of stereotypes is acceptable for the sake of marketing.

"There's something more than a little disingenuous about AVN's sense of humor," Violet wrote. "The positive ability of porn is that is [sic] can show partnering that is charged because it crosses racial boundaries. I believe that damage is not done by the FACT of crossing those taboos, but in the WAY those taboos are crossed."

In short, don't get your freak on in a manner that violates Violet Blue's political sensibility. And STOP LAUGHING!

Violet believes that titles such as I Can't Believe You Sucked A Negro! and My Daughter is Fucking Blackzilla push the wrong buttons, exploiting ugly myths and stereotypes about black male potency. Spreading racism like a porno pathogen, these movies bank on the insecurities of Caucasian creeps and damage the sexual health of the viewer - because, Blue seems to think, the audience can't make the high-brow distinction between reality and a stupid fuck flick.

Her tender, sex-positive heart inflamed by the AVN article she skimmed, Violet sought solace from a porn star who agrees with her agenda. You think porn actresses are bimbos? Well, sit down, Mister: some of us are ARTICULATE, EDUCATED, QUEER...and SEX-POSITIVE!

"I find AVN's comments on interracial porn to be highly offensive and serves [sic] as a discredit to the entire industry," said Bay Area BDSM performer Madison Young, bonding with Violet in a "white girl-to-white girl" chat. "AVN is the leading trade magazine for the adult industry, and for them to make statements like 'Negro Porn Recession-Proof' gives the anti-porn community further fodder for their arguments as opposed to spotlighting sex-positive productions."

Of course, 'Negro Porn Recession-Proof' is the headline from The Sword blog, and not a statement from AVN. But why split pubes over such details?

"Porn is a widely consumed medium and can act as a powerful tool to educate, create connection and communication between couples, and archive our sexual culture while providing a reflection of our desires on film," Madison recited. "This can be a positive and sexually validating experience for women and men and persons of all genders."

We've seen that brochure, too. But thankfully, Madison is here to enlighten the ignorant; the model, activist and director goes on to reveal that she reluctantly performs scenes for "mainstream" porn producers in order to fund her Femina Potens art gallery in Frisco.

"I prefer to perform in productions that are sex-positive or queer-produced, but it takes a lot of anal scenes to run a feminist art space," Madison explained. 

Surely, such a fiercely intelligent, enterprising and empowered woman could earn the necessary bucks by finding a job that doesn't involve taking it up the ass for some greaseball caveman producer in Van Nuys. But that's not the point; Madison is here to Subvert From Within!

"I recall in one of the interracial films in which I was featured, I actually got the director to allow me to teach a bit of a tantric lesson in the scene," she said.

Madison Young: changing the way you jerk off, one tantric lesson at a time. (Submit written/illustrated interpretations of Madison's tantric lesson to [email protected]

Violet Blue has a valid point about race-baiting porn titles - one which AVN addressed in its cover story. If her knowledge of this industry extended beyond the boundaries of Wikipedia, Violet might have pointed to the decade-old backlash against performer Jon Dough, who made the mistake of placing a tasteless Jew joke on one of his box covers. The First Amendment crusaders of Porn Valley suddenly developed an aversion to such humor, and the video box was swiftly recalled.

Blue also might have remembered the outcry over a mercifully short-lived series of videos that combined a fetish for hunting and animal killings with sex. The libertines of greater San Fernando didn't much care for that "marketing trend," either.

But Blue's arguments are even more obvious than the cliches she targets in her ongoing, heavy-handed campaign against mainstream porn. What else to expect from a woman who raved about Snuff, the crap-tastic literary flop from grossly overrated post-mod hack Chuck Palahniuk? (Full disclosure: Palahniuk name-checked Blue in the novel, a brutally stupid treatment of the gang-bang video craze as metaphor for the American Wasteland.)

In the end, Blue herself is a walking, yapping stereotype of sorts, as director David Aaron Clark pointed out in an online commentary about her lawsuit against the performer of the same name.

Clark wrote in his post to the website LukeisBack.com: "The 'author' Violet Blue is the typical example of that San Francisco 'sex-positive' counterculture faker who blathers on about the 'community' and their own highly evolved sexuality, how all us sexual outlaws have to look out for each other, but is really nothing but a self-promoting, narcissistic wannabe capitalist who, if you get in the way of their quest for power and prominence, will swiftly resort to the very sort of behavior they decry in others outside their 'tribe.'

"The best part of it all is that 'Violet Blue' is not exactly a unique or original turn of the phrase in the first place."