Eddie Powell Debuts Soundtrack to ‘Emma Mark’ Series

LOS ANGELES—The first of three soundtracks for New Sensations’ award-winning series The Submission of Emma Marx is now available from the films’ composer, director of photography and editor Eddie Powell.

Powell began composing original music for the series while working on The Submission of Emma Marx – Boundaries

“Music libraries, while vast, often lack the thematic feel a film needs to carry it through from start to finish. I grew frustrated by my inability to track a film cohesively. Why spend so much time writing and producing a film and then have it fizzle out in post? This was my way of trying to elevate what we’d already done.”

A self-taught musician who’s been involved in musical composition for more than 20 years, Powell initially sound-tracked his films out of necessity. 

Powell never thought this venture into film scoring would be anything beyond utility, until his collaborative partner, Jacky St. James, began forwarding him mail from fans around the world - all asking where they could download the soundtrack.

“At first I thought it was a one-off thing,” said St. James, “until people started reaching out to me weekly asking where they could download songs from the film.”

It was then that Powell decided it was time to make his music available to the public. 

Since its inception five years ago, Emma Marx has collectively won more than thirty awards around the world. Among those awards was a Best Soundtrack win from AVN in 2017 for Emma Marx – Exposed (the film also took home Best Director, Editor, Cinematographer, and Screenplay that same year).  

Since The Submission of Emma Marx – Boundaries, Powell has composed the soundtrack to several other award winning films for New Sensations (The Temptation of Eve, The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee, etc.) and will be releasing subsequent albums in the coming months.

The Submission of Emma Marx – Boundaries album can be found at any of the following online stores: iTunes, Apple Music and Google Play, or stream it online at Spotify.