Ed Powers Makes Comeback

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Hall of Fame performer/director Ed Powers told AVN he has returned to porn after a three-year hiatus with a new look and attitude.

In Powers’ 20-plus year career thus far, he has directed 369 volumes of the Dirty Debutantes series and performed in over 750 sex scenes. He said he has no immediate plans of reviving what became the longest-running series in adult, but instead he will focus on building his web presence.

“Three years ago I dropped out without a word and left Dirty Debs at 369,” said Powers, who plans to begin doing live feeds on his website (edpowers.com) with a new scene every week. He had already shot his first six scenes by mid-November.

“And those scenes are going to be a feature called The Making of a Comeback,” said Powers, who plans to unveil the scenes in January.

Powers said he decided to shoot “pre-comeback” scenes “because I wanted to see if I still had it.”

“I’m coming off of losing a lot of weight and wanted to see what it looked like on camera,” he said. Now he feels better than ever due the dramatic weight loss and healthier living.

“I’m discovering my new body,” Powers continued. “People can see from those six scenes and they can see how much I’ve changed during that short period of time. I’m here to stay, it’s no fluke. This is the new, improved fucking Ed Powers. A classic does not have to be old.”

Powers said that he weighed 294 pounds in September 2008.

“I just could not work anymore. I was never a picture of a rose or a daisy to begin with, but I got fat and lazy and couldn’t breathe. I discovered I had diabetes. My blood glucose level was 491. I immediately changed my life. I’ve dropped 136 pounds so far.

“I have a nice six-pack. I’m up every day at 5:30 and in bed by 7:30-8.”

Powers said he regularly consumes 52 natural supplements as well as steamed foods and vegetables.

“This comeback is not just professional, it’s physical and mental, too. It’s a reverse of all the things I was suffering before,” he told AVN. “I don’t get upset about things any more. I don’t yell like I used to. There is no getting frustrated, no depression.

“I’m working on eradicating the bad and trading the bad for good in all realms including my nutrition. This comeback reflects a milestone for me.”

The 55-year-old pornographer was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y., and started out in adult doing live sex shows. He shot his first amateur Bus Stop Tales in 1988.

“When I show pictures of what I look like a year ago, it’s not just a success story of coming back, it’s a success story of a human being... being and feeling like a human being again.”

Powers is also working on a book and website with photographer Justin Lubin called “Porntography.”

“He’s a great photographer. He’s an artist, and there will be a documentary accompanying the book,” Powers said.

Industry luminaries such as Kay Parker, Nina Hartley and Max Hardcore will be covered in the book.

“It tells a story of each individual person and how they got where they got and what they think about the industry and where it’s heading,” Powers said.

He is also marketing a new male enhancement product called the Powers Pill, which is being distributed by Legend Video.

“My changes are so dramatic and so positive that I want to spread those changes with people,” Powers concluded. “Whoever really needs a friend or a little guidance I hope they can come by my blog at edpowers.com. And if they have a question or if they would like to fine-tune themselves or work on something, hopefully I don’t have to keep what I’ve done to myself. I can share it.”


Photo courtesy of Justin Lubin/PorntographyC2009.