Earl Miller Signs Mobile Deal With Xobile

Renowned erotic photographer Earl Miller will partner with Xobile to offer his photographs to mobile platforms, the company announced.

Miller, who gained fame as the star photographer during the heyday of Penthouse, said he is eager to “try yet another means of delivery of erotic content through a technology that is growing faster and getting better than anyone imagined it would.”

The move is a departure from the norm for Xobile, which has built its business delivering adult movies to mobile devices. Xobile will provide new images created by Miller as well as select classic photographs from his archives, according to Harvey Kaplan, who heads Xobile, the mobile arm of adult Video-on-Demand (VoD) power AEBN.

“Our media lends itself well to his clear and beautifully framed images. I’ve wanted to work with him for many years and this is a rare opportunity to utilize the work of someone we all admire and to offer him to the mobile viewing community,” Kaplan says.

“I’ve seen amazing changes in the way we produce photos over the years and also the way in which people view them,” says Miller. “The Internet changed many of our perceptions about how we can deliver high-quality images digitally, and I predict that the same will happen with the tiny screen.”

Miller’s best known work as been as the most published photographer in the history of Penthouse magazine, but he has also created award winning images in architectural, fashion and advertising photography. Miller’s mainstream subjects include Edward G. Robinson, Joan Collins, Roseanne, Cher, Nick Nolte and Steven Spielberg. He has also created advertising campaigns for Bugle Boy, Miller Lite and Hilton International.