DVDTalk.com Relaunches Adult Column

Mainstream DVD news and review site DVDTalk.com has just relaunched their online adult DVD column The Blue Room.

The column is geared towards mainstream DVD consumers who also happen to quietly consume a lot of adult entertainment.

“Our focus is on the person who buys or rents porn but would never talk about it with friends,” says Geoff Kleinman, editor of DVD Talk.

This new column expands DVD Talk’s efforts to provide information on adult products to the mainstream world. DVDTalk.com has amassed nearly 4,000 DVD reviews with a staff of writers who review both adult and mainstream DVDs.

In addition to catching the eye of the mainstream consumer, DVD Talk hopes the column relaunch will help increase its visibility within the adult industry and clarify any confusion with Adult DVD Talk.

“One of the things we’ve dealt with in the adult space is a confusion over our name. DVDTalk.com has been online for almost seven years now and we aren’t connected or affiliated with any other adult DVD review site, despite any similarity in name,” says Kleinman.

DVD Talk currently has a readership of 1.5 million unique readers per month.