DVDEmpire.com Shakes the Eight Ball

Online DVD retailer DVDEmpire.com is running an eight-ball sweepstakes in September where Customers are offered a chance to shake the eight-ball after they complete an online order for a chance to win immediate savings from $1 to $5.

In addition to the instant savings, customers are also given a scratch-off game piece in their order for a chance to win a big-screen TV, Windows Media Center, iPods, PSPs and more. Everyone that plays the game is an instant winner of some kind.

“We do everything we can to assure consumers that their data is safe with us,” says Jeff Rix CEO and founder of DVDEmpire.com. “The problem is that anyone can put up a website offering products for sale, but not everyone has the most honest intentions. It is paramount for established websites to set themselves apart and establish a trust-based relationship with their customers.”