DVDemon Adopts Blu-ray

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Adult authoring house DVDemon has invested in a fully licensed Blu-ray production line, becoming the first U.S. facility to replicate porn on the Sony-backed high definition format.

DVDemon head Xtian told AVN that his company's move into the Blu-ray market has been in the works for several months. DVDemon is already gearing up to replicate Anabolic's forthcoming Blu-ray debut, Penetration 13 and expects to work with several other adult Blu-ray titles for fall release.

"We have received a tremendous number of inquiries about the Blu-ray Disc format," he said. "The tide is turning, and nobody wants to be left out. Blu-ray players are outselling HD DVD three-to-one. Prices on high definition players are dropping, and we feel this is the way of the future."


The majority of Blockbuster Video stores and the big eight Hollywood studios (Disney, Fox, Lionsgate, MGM and Sony) have all opted for Blu-ray over Toshiba's HD DVD format. Until recently, however, adult producers have encountered difficulties getting product out on Blu-ray due to the high costs and lack of authorized replication facilities willing to handle X-rated content.

Some technology anaylsts have questioned the viability of high-definition porn. But Xtian believes that new players debuting this Christmas will bring a strong consumer demand for adult movies on Blu-ray.

Another factor that Xtian said will hold major appeal for adult producers is the forthcoming BD-J (Blu-ray Disc Java) player, which will allow consumers while viewing a disc "to purchase [that company's] other titles instantly, via Ethernet connection. It opens a whole new way of commerce."

Formed in 2000, DVDemon has authored over 1,000 adult DVD titles, including such award-winning releases as John Stagliano's The Fashionistas and Jules Jordan Video's The Dark Side of Jenna Haze.

"A big part of the challenge involves the learning curve associated with such a new technology," Xtian said. "Our knowledge and experience allow us to adapt quickly to these changing standards."

For more information, go to www.dvdemoninc.com.