Dustin Daring: Fantasy Come True

Most aspiring porn studs do their first scenes with other beginners. But tall (6-foot-4), lanky Dustin Daring, a South Florida native, got lucky. He was able to break his porno cherry with an actual star—and a big one—Megan Rain.

It was a fantasy come true. “I’ve been watching porn since I was a little kid,” he laughs. “I’ve always enjoyed porn. And I guess when I found out that the Bang Bros studio wasn’t very far from where I was living, I figured why not. So I filled out the application ...”

Now 23, he was working as a waiter at a barbecue restaurant when he “got a phone call from somebody at Bang Bros, something about a handjob scene. I had to work that day so I had to cancel on him. Didn’t hear back for four or five months. Then I got a random call from somebody else at Bang Bros saying, ‘I’ve got a scene with Megan Rain—do you want to do it?’” He laughs. “I said, ‘Hell yes!’”

It was a reversal of the traditional Bang Bus scene. “She was in the bus and I was walking down the street. She came and picked me up ...” And then she gives him a hard time before she gets into his pants.

“When that video came out online [titled ‘Jizz on Megan’], I forwarded it to my agent, Nexxxt Level, the agent I have now. They called me one morning and asked if I could come to L.A. to meet them. That was last summer.”

But he didn’t move to Los Angeles for good until March 1.

Since then he’s been working quite a bit. “I’ve shot for Naughty America, Hustler, New Sensations, Zero Tolerance, Nubiles ... I love it, it’s great.” And he intends to keep on doing it.

“I worked with Ashley Adams not too long ago. She was very fun. I did a scene for Naughty America, it came out recently, with Dava Foxx—a very hot scene. I shot a scene with Mercedes Carrera; it was actually my first Naughty America scene. That was fun.”

He admits that there have been “a few hiccups along the way. I came out here and did a feature for Wicked—actually my first L.A. set.—Call Me, directed by Jonathan Morgan, who’s also my agent.

“But when I got here I had a cock piercing, and I did a couple scenes, Reality Kings ... And they were like, ‘We like you, we’d like to book you, but until you get that removed, we won’t.’ So I actually flew back to Florida and got that piercing removed. They call it a ‘pearl’—it’s like a dermal, under the skin.”

He is now piercing-free.

The woman he’d most like to work with is Abella Danger—he’s a longtime fan. Also high on his wish list is shooting for Brazzers. “When I was watching porn more, before I got into it, I learned there were some [companies] that were more professional—not the way they were working, but the way that it’s made, the way they came out.”

As a recent Los Angeles arrival, “I don’t know a lot of people, I’m not too familiar with the area. I went down to Santa Monica recently, and Malibu, to hang out at the beach.”

“I play drum set. Unfortunately, I couldn’t bring my drum set with me. I’m sure my neighbors are happy about that. But working out ... hanging out ... waiting to get myself established here, before I figure out what I want to be doing with my spare time.”

When we talked to Dustin in May he was signed up for scenes with such fellow newcomers as Penelope Reed, Ivy Wolfe and Jane Wilde. “Sometimes I’ll be booked but I won’t know who I’m working with.”

That’s the way it is for most male talent. But he likes it. “So far all the people I’ve met have been great, really nice. It’s been a great experience so far.” And as for his agency, he smiles, “They’ve been good to me.”

To book Dustin Daring, contact Nexxxt Level Talent Agency. Twitter: @DustinDaring.