Ducati Awarded Multiple Trademarks

WOOLAND HILLS, Calif. – Ducati Productions has registered four of its specialty titles with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

As of October 23, 2007, the terms Pigtail Cuties, Strap It to Me, and Ladies Are Gentlemen are now registered trademarks owned by Ducati Productions. The company previously registered its series Strapon Chicks.

“With the rampant piracy happening on the internet it is very important that we have the rights to our properties secured," said company owner Kevin Ducati. "When it comes to getting a judgment against infringers the difference can be counted in millions of dollars when you have your trademarks and registered copyrights established. It is imperative that we as an industry take the steps necessary to arm ourselves against piracy and copyright infringement. It could be the death of our business as we know it if not. The process is not difficult and the cost is minimal if you do it yourself."

Ducati has provided U.S. and Canadian trademark registration services for Peter North and encourages any adult producers interested to contact the company office at (818) 887-1888.