DreamZone and Myers Announce Casting for 'Romeo And Juliet'

VAN NUYS, Calif.—DreamZone Entertainment has recently developed "DreamZone Passion," a line specifically geared towards romance and couples-friendly releases. Lee Roy Myers will bring DreamZone Passion to the forefront by directing a retelling of Shakespeare's tragic love story, Romeo And Juliet. Casting for Romeo And Julietis is in progress, and all performers are encouraged to inquire.

"I think that this movie will be a great challenge for performers," stated Myers. "The actors we cast must have the acting skills to pull off Shakespearean dialogue with a modern twist. Most importantly, there must be an extreme connection between the performers, so the passion will be as real as it gets. This is going to be my most dramatic and erotic movie, and I am very excited to be working with DreamZone on this new type of adult movie."

Launching in early 2010, DreamZone Entertainment has branded itself as a high-end studio with its comical parodies and industry leading stars. Tackling shows such as Sex And The City, Cops, and even Roseanne, DreamZone has used the hottest adult performers to put erotic twists on popular television programs. Signing Amy Fisher took DreamZone into a new realm, crossing mainstream celebrities into the adult industry.

Now, DreamZone Passion is proud to present a modern re-telling of Romeo And Juliet, a tale of two star-crossed lovers who yearn for each other's touch. However, their feuding families are determined to keep them apart, and only the flames of passion may overcome this divide. When faced with the threat of losing each other forever, Romeo and Juliet must fight to be together. Will love conquer all or will tragedy await them?

" Romeo And Juliet is a romance movie unlike any other," explained DreamZone VP of Sales Adam Hasner. "It will re-define the genre with unmatched intensity and eroticism. Romeo And Juliet will be the perfect movie for couples, women, and anyone who believes in the blending of sex and passion."