DreamGirls To Release Only Video Of News Anchor In Wet T-Shirt Contest

Catherine Bosley, a woman who had been a television news anchor for WKBN in Youngstown, Ohio for ten years and who is now one of the most searched for names on the Internet, is the star of a March 8 DreamGirls release titled WildWetT.com Featuring The Naked News Anchor.

Bosley was on vacation with her husband in Key West in March of 2003 when she decided to take part in the wet t-shirt contest that was being shot by DreamGirls. Hayden, DreamGirls sales manager, was emceeing the contest and at the time, no one knew who the frisky naked blonde was.

“She entered this contest and proceeded to get completely naked,” Hayden told AVN.com. “She made it through all three rounds and she won. The thirty-seven year old news anchor beat out the spring break-ers.”

The footage was included in a DreamGirls release titled Spring Break 2003, that is no longer available from the company.

Bosley resigned from her position at the television station in December of 2003 after word of her participation in the contest had spread. She went on to do numerous media appearances including Good Morning America, The View and The O’Reilly Factor, claiming to be unaware that she was being taped.

“That is bullshit,” Hayden said of Bosley’s statements. “She signed a release and there are notices on the stage that read word for word, ‘Notice: The event you have entered is being filmed by a video production company. By entering the stage beyond this sign, you are hereby consenting and agreeing to your picture and image being used for any reproduction of any type and sale without any further compensation….Stevie Wonder would know he was being videotaped. It was that obvious.’”

On the decision to re-introduce the footage, Hayden said, “We got the call in January saying that the ABC affiliate in Youngstown wanted to use our tape as part of their story and we said no. Jim [Faile, DreamGirls owner] had the title pulled….Then when she went on these shows, we figured she was the one who was making this a big deal.”

WildWetT.comFeaturing The Naked News Anchor will be available to retailers on March 8.