DreamGirls Set to Shoot Out First 'Monsters of Jizz' DVD

CYBERSPACEFollowing in the footsteps of many other successful web-based producers, “shooter” site MonstersOfJizz.com is releasing its first DVD for retail distribution this month. More releases will follow in July, and throughout the summer. MonstersOfJizz.com is known for its ridiculously gigantic cum shots, usually resulting from a handjob/blowjob scenario. The website's first release, Monsters Of Jizz 1: Monster Facials, contains 10 scenes depicting jaw-dropping facial cum-shots, each seemingly more torrential than the last.

Monsters of Jizz DVDs will be distributed exclusively by DreamGirls, and the website is hosted on the DreamGirlsCash.com network.

With 15 years of successful retail distribution under his belt, DreamGirls President Jim Faile knows how to spot a winner. “It’s hard to find fresh ideas in porn” Faile states. “You rarely see anything new. As soon as I saw Monsters of Jizz I knew it was a money-maker. The shock on the girls' faces is priceless. These are the most insane cum-shots you’ve ever seen!”

Faile is not kidding. Watching one of the site's outrageous facials, one side of your brain screams, “That’s impossible,” while the other can’t look away. If you find it addictive, you’re not alone: Monsters of Jizz is a perennial category leader on both major VOD platforms and one of the highest-converting sites on the DreamGirlsCash.com network.

Faile sees the development of original content as crucial to sales success. “The retail market is more competitive than ever,” he observes. “As an industry, we’re still selling millions of dollars every year in DVD, but customers are getting picky. The only way for retailers to keep making money is to put new content on the shelf that their customers haven’t seen before. That’s why we’re releasing Monsters of Jizz on DVD. This is something new. Customers get excited when they see it!”

Pricing is in line with other Dream Girls releases. For information, contact your distributor or call Hayden at (800) 566-3998.