Doghouse Digital Introduces New Eye-Catching DVD Packaging

Doghouse Digital, the production arm of Mile High Media, has drastically overhauled their packaging to provide retailers with a visually compelling product designed to draw the eyes of today’s adult entertainment consumer.

The new packaging elements include switching to a new type of jewel case and upgrading the type of foil used on the box cover inserts while simultaneously increasing the amount of foil used for each movie.

All future Doghouse projects will be released in clear jewel cases. Noting that the majority of DVDs in both mainstream and adult entertainment use a black jewel case, Doghouse Digital General Manager Jon B said, “A clear jewel case will stand out on the shelves, making it more likely that a consumer will pick the movie up to check it out.”

The decision to use clear jewel cases wasn’t made arbitrarily. “Consumers accept certain colors for packaging. For whatever reason, blue and plaid just don’t work. We did our homework on what works. Our parent company has been one of the largest distributors in Canada for nearly two decades and every element of our packaging is done for a specific reason based on the needs of our customers.

“Our marketing research has shown that consumers respond enormously well to clear jewel cases. It looks classy and can help raise a consumer’s estimation of the quality of a movie – after all, porn is a business, perhaps more so than any other, where the packaging is the most critical sales tool.”

One of the earliest adaptors of foil, Doghouse Digital has opted to take their box cover designs to the next level by switching to the costlier but more attractive holographic foil now that foil has become a standard feature of gonzo box covers.

“Holographic foil is much more attractive and effective than standard foil,” Jon B told “The problem with standard foil is that the lighting has to strike the surface just so for it to be effective, whereas holographic foil is eye catching when seen from any angle.”

Another new improvement to Doghouse Digital’s packaging is the use of holographic foil on the spines of their DVD jewel cases in recognition of a growing practice amongst adult retailers to shelve DVDs with their spines facing the aisle. “We never bothered to foil the spine before because most retailers would shelve DVDs with the box cover facing the aisle,” Jon B said.

“However, we’re in a constant dialogue with our customers and we always respond to their needs – incorporating holographic foil into our box cover designs, and spending the extra cash to include that on the spine is just another example of how Doghouse Digital helps our customers sell to their customers.”

Swallow My Rod and Share the Wad 2, released last week, marks the first Doghouse Digital title to incorporate both of the aforementioned new box cover design elements.

Holographic foil will be used on Doghouse Digital box covers, including the spine, from this date forward. “At least until we find a better way to help retailers sell more – that’s something we’re always working on,” Jon B said.

For more info on Doghouse Digital titles contact Jon B or Victoria Montbriand by phone at 888.599.7100, by fax at 514.340.9691, or via email at [email protected] or [email protected].